Video Gorillas Releases Media and Entertainment Industry’s Most Advanced Video Player and Plugins

LOS ANGELES--()--Video Gorillas, a developer of state-of-the-art media technology incorporating machine learning, neural networks, visual analysis, object recognition, and live streaming, announced today the commercial availability of its revolutionary HTML5 / DASH Gorilla Player and advanced Gorilla Plugins.

The Gorilla Player and Plugins are unique not only because of their advanced technological capabilities, but because they offer media and entertainment companies the only Web-optimized solution that includes numerous professional features the industry requires. Audio channel switching, subtitle format support, visual representation of media analysis, and on-the-fly watermarking, for example, are all Gorilla features optimized for the Web.

The Gorilla Player’s core functionality was designed specifically for production and postproduction users and can integrate seamlessly with any Media Asset Management (MAM) / Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. The Gorilla Plugin modules enable media professionals to optimize their media workflows and the flexible Gorilla player JavaScript API allows customers to create custom tools and unique front-end experiences.

“As a Video Gorillas customer I was always impressed, and years later as CEO I’m still amazed by the ability of our team of ninjas to push the limits of technical possibility,” said Video Gorillas CEO Jason Brahms. “We’ve built a tremendous reputation with studios and broadcasters with our unparalleled understanding of media workflows and unique approach to problem solving, and we’re excited to offer the industry the most advanced player framework currently available in the market.”

The core features of the Gorilla Player include:

  • Backend agnostic and designed to wedge into any DAM / MAM implementation
  • User-level dynamic watermarking
  • Frame-accurate high resolution playback
  • JavaScript API which enables custom built front-end tools
  • Dynamic multiple audio channel support
  • Caption and subtitle support for all professional formats
  • Adaptive streaming / HLS
  • Live streaming support
  • Custom branding / skinning
  • Client and server-side APIs for integration and modeling of workflows

Advanced capabilities supported by the Player and provided by Gorilla Plugins include:

  • Gorilla Brain object recognition platform / auto tagging data visualization
  • Music Detection
  • Shot Detection
  • Frame compare / image search
  • Subtitle / Text playback and editing
  • Advanced playlisting / IMF CPL support

The Gorilla Brain Plugin presents the media and entertainment industry with the most advanced object recognition platform available. Gorilla Brain is a proprietary triple neural network-based system that maps highly abstract visual features from media, obtained through supervised and unsupervised learning, into a language model. Gorilla Brain can be used in a wide variety of ways, including contextual targeting, smart content censorship for movies and images, trademark and brand detection, real-time content detection, and object detection or replacement.

About Video Gorillas

Video Gorillas is a media-focused product and services company that develops state-of-the-art video technology incorporating machine learning, neural networks, visual analysis, object recognition, and live streaming. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles with engineering based in Kiev. For more information visit:

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