minds.ai Teams with Orange Silicon Valley and Echostreams on Experimental Prototype of New Machine Learning Training Platform

minds.ai Platform Offers Disruptive Acceleration That Slashes Neural Network Training Times from Days and Weeks to Hours and Minutes

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. & AUSTIN, Texas--()--minds.ai inc. (pronounced: maɪndz-aɪ), developers of a deep learning training platform with disruptive acceleration performance, is teaming with Orange Silicon Valley and Echostreams on an experimental prototype to bring the minds.ai platform to the deep learning community and dramatically reduce training times.

minds.ai is giving a sneak peek of its game-changing platform this week at SC 2015: the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis. It is joined by its partners Orange Silicon Valley, a wholly owned innovation subsidiary of global telecommunications operator Orange, as well as Echostreams and CoCoLink, OEM/ODM solution platform team.

The minds.ai platform is currently training AlexNet (a well-known task used for benchmarking training performance) on a prototype single chassis with capacity for 20 PCIe devices. minds.ai configured the chassis with 10 NVIDIA GeForce® GTX TITAN X graphics cards to demonstrate the performance of its parallelization algorithms that were designed for very efficient execution on high performance computing (HPC) hardware. The minds.ai acceleration platform will be the first to market with the unique combination of state-of-the-art speed and low barrier to entry from a usability and cost perspective.

“Training AlexNet is a crucial milestone that will show that our platform outperforms 99% of the Caffe based systems used for training today,” said Tijmen Tieleman, Chief Technology Officer of minds.ai. “Our goal is to bring the power of HPC to the very computationally intense problem of neural network training. The solutions people are employing today are limited in speed and scalability, and training times of days and weeks are normal. The minds.ai platform will completely change that and reduce those days and weeks down to minutes and hours.”

During the experiment, Orange Silicon Valley, Echostreams and CoCoLink were able to fit 10 boost-clocked NVIDIA Tesla® K80 GPU accelerators, the flagship offering of the NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform, into the chassis and demonstrate an aggregate of 87 teraflops in a single 4U server. This pushes the limits of spatial and thermal engineering and creates an extreme compute density that has never been achieved in a single server. This will serve as a foundation for the deep learning and other computationally intensive research communities.

“This is the beginning of the convergence between exascale and high speed computational neuroscience, said Gabriel Sidhom, VP Technology and Development, at Orange Silicon Valley. “We are always looking for the next big revolution to boost efficiency to our services and improve the experience of our customers.”

“Deep neural networks are becoming more and more complex in order to solve today’s challenging big data problems,” said Serge Lemonde, director, Cloud Service Providers at NVIDIA. “By leveraging GPU accelerators, minds.ai’s high-density platform provides new levels of compute performance to achieve new breakthroughs in this fast growing field.”

This is the first GPU cluster collaboration for Echostreams and CoCoLink, and it represents a groundbreaking design. Echostreams’ world class manufacturing capability and partnerships along with top-tier design capability from CoCoLink will allow its customers the ability to scale quickly and reliably with this solution.

“Our goal is always to bring to market innovative and disruptive solutions, and we think this platform will have great appeal to companies developing machine learning solutions,” said Andy Lee, Director of Product Marketing at EchoStreams. “Together with minds.ai, we have created a class leading solution for neural network training and any other compute intensive tasks at which GPUs currently excel.”

About minds.ai

minds.ai (maɪndz-aɪ) is developing a deep neural network training platform with disruptive acceleration performance. minds.ai’s platform makes the power of High Performance Computing available to the deep learning community and equips a new generation of developers with the tools needed to quickly refine and deploy neural networks into their businesses. The company is based in the Silicon Valley with offices in Bangalore, India, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. More information can be found at minds.ai.

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