Anji-CEVA Turns to JDA to Optimize Transportation Management

JDA will help this Shanghai-based logistics provider manage demand volatility, increase automation and balance high service with low cost

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--()--JDA Software Group, Inc. today announced that Anji-CEVA, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider serving the automotive industry in China, will implement JDA® Transportation Management solutions. With this software implementation, Anji-CEVA aims to improve customer service and reduce costs, even in the face of significant demand volatility. Specific JDA solutions chosen by Anji-CEVA include JDA® Transportation Manager, JDA® Transportation Modeler and JDA® Transportation Planner.

Based in Shanghai, China, Anji-CEVA provides logistics services that include moving finished vehicles, as well as inbound parts and aftermarket parts. Its primary customers are subsidiaries of the Shanghai Motor Group. In order to keep customer costs low — while delivering outstanding service — Anji-CEVA is looking to increase its level of planning automation, intelligence and visibility.

“Historically, we have relied on time-consuming manual transportation planning processes. Not only do these manual processes slow our response times as conditions change, but they also limit our visibility of all our available resources in real time,” said the chief information officer for Anji-CEVA. “This means that our truck fill rates, our number of loads and our routing plans may not be making the best possible use of all our resources. Our new JDA solutions will give us real-time visibility into our available capacity and our customer requirements — allowing us to make optimal plans that combine low costs with high customer service.”

Anji-CEVA’s CIO adds that the increased level of automation provided by JDA will also maximize the productivity of Anji-CEVA’s planning staff, enabling them to focus on higher-value activities. “With any manual process, there are bound to be errors and inefficiencies,” he noted. “JDA will improve both the output and the accuracy of all our transportation planning activities.”

According to Anji-CEVA’s CIO, the company chose to partner with JDA because of the proven constraint-management capabilities of the JDA Transportation Management portfolio. “Our new JDA software will enable us to recognize the real constraints of our customer requirements, as well as the capacities of our own fleet and other resources,” explained Anji-CEVA’s CIO. “By making all the facts about our business visible, in real time, JDA will enable Anji-CEVA managers to make intelligent transportation decisions that are based on cost control and asset utilization.”

“Balancing logistics speed and efficiency with profitability is a challenge for every 3PL company in today’s volatile marketplace,” said Amit Bagga, regional vice president for Asia Pacific at JDA. “While Anji-CEVA has built a reputation as a 3PL leader in the Chinese automotive industry, today the company recognizes that it needs sophisticated, intelligent solutions to make the best decisions in a fast-paced, high-pressure business environment. As customer conditions and requirements change dynamically, we are gratified that JDA Transportation Management solutions will help Anji-CEVA make optimal decisions, swiftly and agilely.”

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JDA Software Group, Inc.
Jolene Peixoto, +1 978-475-0524
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JDA Software Group, Inc.
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Director, Corporate Communications