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--()--How much does it actually cost, on average, to feed a child at school under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)? TITAN School Solutions is Making Schools Stronger by helping people answer this question while controlling completely one fundamental cost in the larger multi-billion dollar field of school foodservice: program management.

School nutrition mandates and reporting requirements have changed more drastically over the past 5 years than at any other time since modern technology began helping to manage meals in school. TITAN is a company of education technology veterans who respect the unique demands that face our schools in their mission to support education with nutrition services.

“There is a clear and consistent trend of anxiety we recognize, when new program requirements come to terms with details and resources required to implement them,” said Bradley Blankenship, TITAN President. “Historically in school foodservice, well-intending new mandates have arrived with deadlines and without the practical resources school personnel need to anticipate and adapt. Meanwhile, the demands continue to feed more students, under more requirements, in the same amount of time. TITAN intercepts these challenges at the highest levels with real time program insights, dedicated support and complete transparency in both costs and operations.”

In January 2015, inspired by years of growing external impacts on school operations and a diminishing, dedicated support industry, lacking high-tech investment to meet specific needs, TITAN School Solutions introduced the first and only, truly transparent, comprehensive web-based school nutrition management system.

As TITAN can better answer the important “cost” question, School Nutrition Directors, district IT personnel, administrators, elected school board officials and parents all benefit. Schools can now know in advance, with no surprises, exactly how to budget for daily to yearly program management. In real time, parents and guardians can manage their children’s meals and accounts for both dietary restrictions and portion controls.

Through TITAN’s unique, flexible subscription-based service model, a school district gets state-of-the-art lunch line terminals and hardware that are all fully integrated with always-up-to-date, user-friendly software. Subscription costs cover everything and are easier to budget with comprehensive training, system updates, and hardware repair/replacement as needed. TITAN also integrates with pre-existing, legacy IT systems.

Currently, TITAN is the only solution provider dedicated specifically to serving education and the only industry competitor publishing pricing on the company website. Find out more at


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What’s the cost to feed a child under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)? Together with school districts, TITAN School Solutions is Making Schools Stronger with secure, operational transparency.