Stormpulse Inc. Launches to Help Businesses Turn External Risks into Opportunities

Company expands focus beyond weather to empower smarter business decisions

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Stormpulse Inc., the weather intelligence company, today announced it will expand its focus beyond the tracking of weather-related business threats with the launch of Riskpulse, a risk management solution. Riskpulse gathers, elevates and visualizes external risk data into one easy-to-use platform, empowering business users to adjust to changing conditions quickly and make timely, critical decisions.

The comprehensive risk management solution will enable businesses to locate, quantify, and adapt to external risks such as earthquakes, crime, and travel alerts. With real-time tracking, businesses can visualize their moving assets in relation to threats in a consumable map format. Riskpulse interprets and identifies the most pressing issues and quantifies the data with a unique risk score. The platform is entirely customized to a business’s unique profile and emphasizes the opportunities created by uncontrollable events.

“After seven years of focusing on weather, we recognized that there are many other external factors that affect a company’s supply chain and daily operations,” said Matt Wensing, Stormpulse co-founder and chief executive officer. “We created Riskpulse to help companies struggling with the ‘Big Data’ problem of finding meaning in the numbers. By giving them a simple platform to visualize and interpret the world’s most threatening data in relationship to the things they care about, they can make smart decisions and uncover new opportunities.”

“Using Stormpulse over the past several years has allowed us to consistently stay a step ahead of catastrophic weather events,” said Ravi Singhvi, Risk Placement Services, Inc. vice president of analytics and Stormpulse customer. “Stormpulse keeps us focused on our business in the heat of the moment so we are able to make highly rewarding decisions; we anticipate their expanded focus will translate to expanded opportunities for RPI.”

Riskpulse Ecosystem of Products

  • Pulse API: Pulse API enables companies to merge data that has been aggregated and interpreted by Riskpulse with their existing systems. The API offers dozens of layers of environmental, risk and weather data with a real-time risk score for each asset location.
  • Pulse OS: Pulse OS offers the ability to build a custom application using Riskpulse data, maps, asset, and communications APIs. Companies can customize the Riskpulse platform and seamlessly include it as part of their service, giving them a competitive edge without investing in the development of a mapping and data platform.
  • Pulse Applications: Cygnus, a turnkey web application, integrates maps, assets and environmental data to help companies visualize and respond to external risks. Risk managers and business continuity professionals use it to have one clear view of their organization and real-world data.

Pricing and Availability

The Riskpulse ecosystem of products will be available at a competitive price in December 2013. will remain live as a standalone weather tracker. Riskpulse is available on the web at

About Riskpulse

Riskpulse offers risk management solutions for businesses affected by uncontrollable events. We integrate maps, assets and environmental data to help companies understand and respond to external risks as they happen. Ultimately, we enable businesses to make the best possible decisions for their daily operations. Our risk information system (RIS) is the natural evolution of geographic information systems (GIS) for companies operating in uncertain conditions. Customers can integrate our risk data with their existing solutions using the Pulse API, build a custom application using the Pulse OS platform, or subscribe to Cygnus, our risk management web application. We unify and reconcile dozens of data sources, intersect the results with our customers’ unique assets, and quantify potential threats to people, suppliers, and facilities with a proprietary risk score. Our maps and reports reflect a native understanding of risk that makes the most important judgment calls easier—whether you’re aiming to minimize disruption or turn risks into opportunities to excel. For more information, visit


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Release Summary

Stormpulse Inc., the weather intelligence company, it will expand its focus beyond the tracking of weather-related business threats with the launch of Riskpulse, a risk management solution.


Blanc & Otus PR
Jennifer Smith, 203-948-5623