2012 Gerald Loeb Award Finalists Announced by UCLA Anderson School of Management

Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to Jerry Seib, Deputy Managing Editor and Washington Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal

Winnie O’Kelley, Deputy Business Editor of The New York Times, to Receive Lawrence Minard Editor Award

LOS ANGELES--()--Judy D. Olian, chairman of the G. and R. Loeb Foundation Inc. and dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management, today announced the finalists of the 2012 Gerald Loeb Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. She also announced the recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Lawrence Minard Editor Award.

The 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is Jerry Seib, deputy managing editor and Washington bureau chief at The Wall Street Journal. This annual award recognizes an individual whose career exemplifies the consistent and superior insight and professional skills necessary to further the understanding of business, financial and economic issues.

Winnie O’Kelley, deputy business editor at The New York Times, will receive the 2012 Lawrence Minard Editor Award, named in memory of Laury Minard, founding editor of Forbes Global and a former final judge for the Loeb Awards. This award honors excellence in business, financial and economic journalism editing and recognizes an editor whose work does not receive a byline or whose face does not appear on the air for the work covered.

Seib and O’Kelley will receive their career achievement awards at the 2012 Gerald Loeb Awards dinner on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, at Capitale in New York City. Winners in the 13 competition categories will be announced from among the following finalists, which were chosen from over 400 entries:

Large Newspapers Category Finalists

  • Ken Bensinger for “Wheels of Fortune” in Los Angeles Times
  • David Kocieniewski for “But Nobody Pays That...” in The New York Times
  • Marcus Walker, Charles Forelle, Stacy Meichtry, Matthew Karnitschnig, David Enrich, Brian Blackstone and David Gauthier-Villars for “European Disunion” in The Wall Street Journal
  • Brody Mullins, Susan Pulliam, Steve Eder, Michael Rothfeld, Jenny Strasburg and Vanessa O’Connell for “Inside Track” in The Wall Street Journal

Medium & Small Newspapers Category Finalists

  • Jeff Horwitz for “Banks Took Billions in Insurance Kickbacks” in American Banker
  • Raquel Rutledge, Rick Barrett, John Diedrich, Ben Poston and Mike de Sisti for “Shattered Trust” in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Spencer Soper and Scott Kraus for “Inside Amazon’s Warehouse” in The Morning Call
  • Charles Piller and Robert Lewis for “Hard Money Crumbles” in The Sacramento Bee

Magazines Category Finalists

  • Chrystia Freeland for “The Rise of the New Global Elite” in The Atlantic
  • Peter Elkind, Jennifer Reingold and Doris Burke for “Inside Pfizer’s Palace Coup” in Fortune
  • Michael Lewis for “‘When Irish Eyes Are Crying’, ‘It’s the Economy, Dummkopf!’ and ‘California and Bust’” in Vanity Fair

Commentary Category Finalists

  • Zanny Minton Beddoes, Edward Carr, John Peet, Patrick Foulis and John O'Sullivan for “Euro Zone” in The Economist
  • Loren Steffy for “Loren Steffy – Commentary” in Houston Chronicle
  • Joseph E. Stiglitz for “Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%” in Vanity Fair
  • Ezra Klein for “Ezra Klein” in The Washington Post

Breaking News Category Finalists

  • Brent Snavely, Greg Gardner and Chrissie Thompson for “GM-UAW Contract Negotiations” in Detroit Free Press
  • Ben Protess, Michael J. de la Merced, Susanne Craig, Peter Lattman, Nelson D. Schwartz and Azam Ahmed for “MF Global Bankrupcy” in The New York Times
  • Susan Pulliam, Michael Rothfeld, Chad Bray, Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Jeannette Neumann, Jenny Strasburg, Michael Siconolfi and Dennis K. Berman for “The Fall of Raj” in The Wall Street Journal
  • Zachary Goldfarb and Anthony Faiola for “The Downgrade” in The Washington Post

Beat Reporting Category Finalists

  • John Fauber for “‘Side Effects’ Beat Reporting” in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Kevin Krolicki, Deepa Seetharaman, Bernie Woodall, Ben Klayman and Jan Schwartz for “United Auto Workers Union Coverage” in Reuters
  • Missy Sullivan for “Missy Sullivan – Beat Reporting” in SmartMoney
  • Jessica Silver-Greenberg for “The Debt Collectors” in The Wall Street Journal

News Services Category Finalists

  • Jeff Donn for “Aging Nukes” in The Associated Press
  • Kevin Freking, Michael Hill, Danny Robbins, Tammy Webber, Peter Jackson and Jeffrey Collins for “Broken Budgets” in The Associated Press
  • Bradley Keoun, Phil Kuntz and Bob Ivry for “The Fed’s Trillion-Dollar Secret” in Bloomberg News
  • Brian Grow, Kelly Carr, Laurence Fletcher, Nanette Byrnes, Matthew Bigg, Joshua Schneyer, Cynthia Johnston and Sara Ledwith for “Shell Games” in Reuters

Explanatory Category Finalists

  • Devin Leonard, Sommer Saadi and Angela Greiling Keane for “End of Mail” in Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Jeff Fager, Bill Owens, Claudia Weinstein, Steve Kroft, Ira Rosen, Gabrielle Schonder, Tadd J. Lascari and Andy Soto for “The Insiders” on CBS News 60 Minutes
  • Scott Pelley, Robert G. Anderson, Daniel Ruetenik, Robert J. Shattuck and Nicole Young for “The Next Housing Shock” on CBS News 60 Minutes
  • Gretchen Morgenson and Louise Story for “No Prosecutions” in The New York Times
  • Peter Whoriskey, Steven Mufson, Jia Lynn Yang, Laura Stanton and Karen Yourish for “Breakaway Wealth” in The Washington Post

Online Enterprise Category Finalists

  • Ronnie Greene and Matthew Mosk for “Green Energy: Contracts, Connections and the Collapse of Solyndra” for The Center for Public Integrity and ABC News
  • John Markoff, David Pogue, Shayla Harris, Shan Carter, Jon Huang, Celina Fang, Danielle Belopotosky, Laurie Kawakami and Joshua Brustein for “Steve Jobs – nytimes.com” for The New York Times
  • Eliza Krigman for “AT&T Gave Cash to Merger Backers” for POLITICO
  • Mark Maremont, Tom McGinty and Neil King Jr. for “Jet Tracker” for The Wall Street Journal

Blogging Category Finalists

  • Catherine Rampell for “Catherine Rampell, Economix Blog – nytimes.com” for The New York Times
  • Felix Salmon for “Felix Salmon’s Blog” for Reuters
  • Ezra Klein, Sarah Kliff and Brad Plumer for “Wonkblog” for The Washington Post
  • Luke Timmerman for “BioBeat” for Xconomy

Personal Finance Category Finalists

  • Penelope Wang, Kim Clark and Lisa Gibbs for “‘Protecting Your Parents’ Series” in Money
  • Lisa Gibbs for “The Safety Trap” in Money
  • Jason Zweig for “The Intelligent Investor” in The Wall Street Journal
  • E.S. Browning for “Older and Poorer” in The Wall Street Journal

Broadcast Enterprise Category Finalists

  • Brian Ross, Rhonda Schwartz, Matthew Mosk, Ronnie Greene and Angela Hill for “Green Energy: Contracts, Connections and the Collapse of Solyndra” on ABC News Brian Ross Investigates and The Center for Public Integrity
  • Jeff Fager, Bill Owens, Michael Radutzky, Claudia Weinstein, Steve Kroft, Andy Court, Kevin Livelli and Stephanie Palewski Brumbach for “Greg Mortenson” on CBS News 60 Minutes
  • Mitch Weitzner, Scott Cohn, Mary Noonan Robichaux, Na Eng, Ruth Chenetz and Lauren Farrelly for “Billions Behind Bars: Inside America’s Prisons Industry” on CNBC
  • Laura Sydell and Alex Blumberg for “When Patents Attack” on NPR and This American Life
  • Mark Smith, Byron Harris and Billy Bryant for “Crooked Teeth” on WFAA-TV

Business Books Category Finalists

  • Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo for “Poor Economics” published by PublicAffairs
  • Walter Isaacson for “Steve Jobs” published by Simon & Schuster
  • Diana B. Henriques for “The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust” published by Times Books
  • Bill Vlasic for “Once Upon a Car” published by William Morrow

For more information about The Gerald Loeb Awards, please visit The Gerald Loeb Awards website at http://www.loeb.anderson.ucla.edu, or e-mail loeb@anderson.ucla.edu or call The Gerald Loeb Awards office at (310) 825-4478.

About The Gerald Loeb Awards:

The Gerald Loeb Awards were established in 1957 by the late Gerald Loeb, a founding partner of E.F. Hutton. His intention was to encourage reporting on business and finance that would inform and protect the private investor and the general public. As the most prestigious honor in business journalism, distinguished journalists and outlets nationwide submit entries to the competition. UCLA Anderson has been presenting The Gerald Loeb Awards since 1973 and the awards use a two-tier judging process comprising a preliminary round and final round. The awards banquet and celebration is held in New York City every June and is attended by the country’s top business and financial publishers, editors, journalists, producers and celebrities. The Gerald Loeb Awards is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization that operates primarily from sponsorship and private support.

About UCLA Anderson School of Management:

UCLA Anderson School of Management is among the leading business schools in the world. UCLA Anderson faculty members are globally renowned for their teaching excellence and research in advancing management thinking. Each year, UCLA Anderson provides a distinctive approach to management education to more than 1,800 students enrolled in its MBA, Fully-Employed MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA for Asia Pacific, Global Executive MBA for the Americas, Master of Financial Engineering, doctoral and executive education programs. Combining selective admissions, varied and innovative learning programs, and a world-wide network of 37,000 alumni, UCLA Anderson develops and prepares global leaders.


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Release Summary

UCLA Anderson announces the finalists and career achievement honorees of the 2012 Gerald Loeb Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. The awards will be presented on June 26, 2012.


UCLA Anderson School of Management
Jonathan Daillak, 310-825-4478