Electronic Entertainment Expo 2003 Exhibitor Profiles

E3Expo 2003
LOS ANGELES--()--May 12, 2003--The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3Expo) takes place this week, May 13-16, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. For more information about the event visit http://www.e3expo.com/media_center/.

Below are profiles from E3Expo 2003 exhibitors. News releases, advisories, photos and press kits are available online at http://www.tradeshownews.com. Business Wire and Virtual Press Office are the official news services for E3Expo 2003.

Company:  Aladdin Knowledge Systems

Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Ltd. (Nasdaq: ALDN) is a leader in
digital security, providing solutions for software commerce and
Internet security since 1985. Aladdin's products include: Privilege, a
versatile software protection, licensing, and Internet distribution
platform that enables innovative software marketing and revenue
generating strategies; and HASP, a hardware-based software protection
system that secures applications from unauthorized use. Aladdin also
secures enterprise network information assets with eToken, a USB-based
smartcard device for user authentication and data access security; and
eSafe, a proactive, multi-tiered Internet content security solution.

Company: Alliance numeriQC - Quebec's Digital Industry Network
Booth: 6021 - Canada Pavilion
Media Contact: Jean-Francois Arseneau
Phone: (514) 581-3966
E-mail: game@numeriqc.ca
Company URL: www.numeriqc.ca/Game

Product description: Quebec is a World-Class and Rapidly Growing
Interactive Games Center. It includes over 40 companies involved in
game development, publishing, software, middleware and production
services and represent a workforce of 1,200 full-time employees.
Montreal (Quebec's metropolis) is also home to many of the world's
software leaders, including Discreet, Softimage and Kaydara.

Company description: Alliance numeriQC aims to support the growth
of Quebec's digital content and multimedia industry. Based in
Montreal, the trade association is a privileged gateway to establish
partnerships with Quebec's interactive entertainment companies. Its
programs are focused on business development and promotion of support
policies for the industry.

Company:  Auravision LLC
Booth:  6656 in Kentia Hall
Media Contact:  Rita Tennyson, 310-779-9747
Investor Relations Contact:  Jeff Walden
Phone:  949-496-9649
E-mail:  jwalden@auravisionllc.com
Company URL:  www.auravisionllc.com
Press Kit URL:

Product description: The EluminX Illuminated Keyboard remains
totally visible even in low-lit workspaces. It helps reduce the glare
from task lighting and makes the keys easy to see, offering a perfect
solution for late-night web surfers, gamers and other computer users.
It is now available in a slim-series in multiple colors.

Company description: Auravision is a pioneer in the field of
personal interface devices and has literally changed the way consumers
look at the computer workstation. With its first introduction of its
patented ElectroLuminescent technology (EluminX), Auravision continues
to lead the way in developing new technologies designed to enhance the
user's experience.

Company: Batfish Studios Ltd
Booth: 2340
Media Contact: Philip Harris
Phone: +44 1295 268 652
E-mail: philip.harris@batfishstudios.com
Company URL: http://www.batfishstudios.com
Press Kit URL:

Product description: Captain Scarlet is a squad based strategy
game based on the Captain Scarlet television series from Thunderbirds
creator Gerry Anderson. Players control a team of Spectrum agents as
they battle against Captain Black and the Mysterons across fourteen
varied levels.

Company description: Formed in July 2001, Batfish Studios is an
independent UK game developer. Built around the principle that the
best games can only be created by the best teams, Batfish values both
talent and enthusiasm and aims to provide a working environment where
staff can make the most of their abilities.

Company:  Blue Beck

Blue Beck is a leading developer, exhibiting on the UK State of
Play Pavilion. A superb series of Java games, covering several
different genres, comprise a catalogue now being eagerly investigated
by a range of clients. In addition the company is now developing a
number of original J2ME games all related to prime licences. Baywatch,
Red Dwarf plus others which cannot be mentioned yet for legal reasons.

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Electronic Arts
demonstrate the power of the Blue Beck offering and are a strong
indication of the regard in which Blue Beck is held within the

Company: BradyGames
Booth: 2408, West Hall
Media Contact: Kelley Mast
Phone: 317-262-8080
E-mail: kelley@hetcom.com
Company URL:  www.bradygames.com
Press Kit URL:

Product Description: BradyGames strategy guides provide gamers
with all the essential information to not only beat games, but add
replay value to them. Comprehensive strategy, maps, tips, secrets and
much more allow gamers to get more enjoyment out of each game and Take
Your Game Further(R).

Company Description: BradyGames is the leading strategy guide
publisher for video and PC games. Combining key licenses with strong
distribution and high-quality publishing, BradyGames demonstrates a
passion for gaming that is apparent in every guide published. As an
essential part of today's sophisticated video game industry,
BradyGames provides everything gamers demand, and more.

Company: CENEGA PUBLISHING, s.r.o.
Booth: Kentia Hall, 6323
Media Contact: Sonia Khebere
Phone: +44 162 87 62 712; mobile: +44 781 21 68 095
E-mail: sonia@cenega.co.uk
Company URL: www.cenega.com

Product description: CENEGA PUBLISHING showcases three exciting
titles. Shade: Wrath of Angels - a horror action story of danger and
the unexpected. UFO: Aftermath - save earth from alien invasion in
this global strategy using simultaneous combat. Korea: Forgotten
Conflict - a strategy game that places you in the center of conflict.

Company description: CENEGA PUBLISHING is a rapidly expanding,
worldwide, publisher of leading edge games and interactive software.
This progressive company has a number of satellite divisions
throughout Europe and is constantly seeking new acquisitions and
developing and extending its activities, which include its own online
game Red Dragon.

Company: Coaxsys
Booth: 6851
Media Contact: Joseph R Kilmer
Phone: 408.428.0895 ext.113
E-mail: joe@future-works.com
Company URL:  www.coaxsys.com

Product description: Coaxsys Pure Speed is the first home network
to provide 10/100 Ethernet over existing coaxial cable in the home. It
provides the necessary speed to support on-line gaming, multi-console
gaming, digital video, and Broadband connectivity. Pure Speed provides
Ethernet capability with no software or TCP/IP modifications. It
provides consumers with the world's highest performing multimedia

Company description: Coaxsys, Inc is a new provider of affordable
and easy to install home networking solutions that leverages existing
coaxial cable for Ethernet-rivaling performance. The privately held
company, headquartered in San Jose, CA, was founded in 2002 by Silicon
Valley veterans with a proven track record in the networking and IT

Company: Codemasters
Booth: South Hall, Booth 746
Media Contact: Natalie Salzman; (310) 477-4647 ext. 236
Company URL: www.codemasters.com

Product description: Codemasters is featuring a blockbuster
line-up at the E3 trade show this year, debuting several titles
including American Idol, Dragon Empires, Operation Flashpoint Xbox and
Colin McRae Rally 4. Other titles that will be showcased are the
officially licensed IndyCar Series and the highly anticipated
Battlefield Command.

Company description: Codemasters an award-winning publisher and
developer that provides compelling and innovative entertainment to
gaming fans of all genres and all platforms. The company's offerings
include IndyCar Series, Pro Race Driver, MTV Music Generator and
Operation Flashpoint, which was met with critical acclaim and enormous
consumer praise.

Booth: 7510
Media Contact: Rick Mathers
Phone: 1-604-514-8236
E-mail: rick@discgotech.com
Company URL: www.discgotech.com

Product description: "Discgomech" - fully automated digital disc
repair machine has capabilities of up to 100 disc repairs per hour
that dramatically reduce your operational costs and increase output
volume. Discgomech is built to perform continuous operation with
minimal labor costs. Backed by warranty and guaranteed fixed rate on
consumables for commercial application.

Company description: DISCGOTECH has been fixing discs since 1996,
and by combining our experiences with automation, training, support
and a customized approach that suits our customer's individual needs
the end result is a clear, concise, competitive advantage. DISCGOTECH
is a trade name of Discgotechnologies Inc, located in Langley, B.C.

Company:  Fogware Publishing
Booth:  7007
Media Contact:  Mike Rothstein
Investor Relations Contact:  Gil Lee
Phone:  310-264-7965
E-mail:  mike@fog-ware.com
Company URL:  www.fog-ware.com

Product description:
--Merriam-Webster: NEW 11th Edition Collegiate Dictionary &
Thesaurus, Medical Desk Reference, English-Spanish Dictionary
--FONIX:  iSpeak for Windows and Pocket PC, VoiceDirector
--JournalTEK:  It's My Baby Journal, YM Diary
--FarStone:  GameDrive Pro
--Ectaco:  iTranslate
--Global Village:  Small Business Digital PowerPack
--Coffee Talk
--Cocktail Conversations
--Planetarium Deluxe
--Art Deluxe

Company description: Fogware Publishing, a division of JC Research
Inc., publishes provocative software across all genres for the whole
family. Fogware has formed alliances with world-renowned companies
such as Merriam-Webster, FONIX, JournalTEK, FarStone, Global Village,
Ectaco and Britannica to bring the best of the best to the consumer

COMPANY NAME: Game Informer
BOOTH: 6952 Kentia Hall
PHONE: 952-893-7140 or 612-590-1522 (cell)
E-MAIL: mcl@lilja.com
COMPANY URL: www.gameinformer.com

Game Informer is the leading computer and video game magazine.
With circulation topping one million subscribers, the magazine has
surpassed its closest competitor by nearly 100 percent. GI was named
the fastest-growing consumer magazine in 2002 by Advertising Age
DataCenter, experiencing 260 percent growth from June 2001 to June

Founded in 1991, GI is a veteran to publishing for active game
consumers, 57 percent of whom rely on GI for video game news and
reviews. The editorial staff brings in-depth knowledge and insight in
the gaming industry, making Game Informer "the final word on computer
and video games."

Booth: Kentia Hall 6009-1
Media Contact:  Angela Schierholz
Phone: +49 (341) 678-8281
E-mail: a.schierholz@leipziger-messe.de
Company URL: www.gc-germany.com

The second edition of GC will be staged from 21 to 24 August 2003
in Leipzig, Germany. It is the only fair in Germany to focus on
computer and video games. Alongside interactive entertainment, its
product listing includes edutainment and infotainment software as well
as the relevant hardware and telecommunications/internet (mobile and
online gaming). The GC serves as a platform for dialogue between the
industry, the trade and users. With 166 exhibitors from 11 countries
and 80,000 enthusiastic visitors GC got off to a rousing start in

Company: Gemini Industries, Inc
Booth: 6309
Media Contact: Ellen McVetty
Investor Relations Contact: Gary Nacht
Phone: 973-471-9050
E-mail: ellenmcvetty@gemini-usa.com
Company URL: www.gemini-usa.com
Press Kit URL:

Product description: Innovative accessories that: Charge via
natural sunlight, Recoil the mess of cables, Centralize connections
with command centers, Take control with built in volume, or Play with
the "controller on the go". Beyond our award winning products, our
licenses target specific age groups, and our multi platform products
reach the most basic to the extreme gamers.

Company description: Marketers of name brand electronics
accessories including gaming, audio/video, headphones, universal
remote controls, wireless (cellular, A/V, and PC), computer, home
communications, surge protectors, satellite accessories,
indoor/outdoor VHF/UHF/FM antennas, storage, multimedia accessories,
cordless phone batteries, wire and cable, blank audio and video tapes.

Company: GSC Game World
Booth: 6521 Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Oleg Yavorsky
Investor Relations Contact: Anton Bolshakov
Phone: +380 44 441 44 80
E-mail: oleg@gsc-game.kiev.ua; anton@gsc-game.kiev.ua
Company URL: www.gsc-game.com

Product description: Our titles in development are Survival Action/RPG
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost, historical RTS Cossacks 2 and arcade
FPS FireStarter. All our games utilize proprietary engines developed
in-house, so apart from working on the games we also plan to start
licensing some of our engines.

Company description: GSC Game World is a leading Ukrainian game
development studio based in Kiev. We have been in the market since
1995 and built up a portfolio of several PC games in various genres:
historical RTS Cossacks: European Wars and its two add-ons, tactical
3D shooter Codename: Outbreak, arcade races Hover Ace, historical RTS
American Conquest.

Company:  Honey Bee Electronic International Ltd.
Booth: 6905
Media Contact:
Investor Relations Contact:
Phone: (852) 2797 2802
E-mail: honeybee@asiansources.com
Company URL:  http://www.hkhoneybee.com

Product description: We provide a wide range of controllers and
memory cards on different consoles, such as PSX, PS2, GameCube and
Xbox. Besides, we also provide game guns, dance mat and DVD remote

Company description: Honey Bee is the leading manufacturer in the
game accessory industry. We manufacture products such as controllers,
memory cards, game guns and dance mats for various consoles and PC.
With our solid industrial background, we provide good products and
services to customer. Contract manufacturing is very welcome.

Company: Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association/Hong Kong
Productivity Council
Booth:   Hong Kong Pavilion (6451, Kentia Hall)
Media Contact: Shirley Pun
Investor Relations Contact: Vincent Yeung
Phone:   (852) 2788 6035 or (852) 27885714
E-mail:   sny@hkpc.org
Company URL: www.hkdea.org
Press Kit URL:

Product description: Over 70 Hong Kong digital entertainment
companies showcase their distinctive and cost-effective technologies,
products and services. In addition, the newly announced Hong Kong
Digital Entertainment Excellence Awards winners will demonstrate their
winning digital productions.

Besides, the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Industry Directory
with CD-ROM will be distributed.

Company description: For the first time, the Hong Kong Digital
Entertainment Industry takes part in the E3 as exhibitor. The Hong
Kong Pavilion is established to highlight the technologies and
capabilities of the Hong Kong digital entertainment industry in
development and production of game, animation and visual effects.

Company: Ideazon, Inc.
Booth: 6557 in Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Marylynn Miller Oke, 416-422-7190
and Derek Baker: (on-site 416-471-2560)
E-mail: mmiller@bmporternovelli.com; dbaker@bmporternovelli.com
Company URL: www.ideazon.com
Press Kit URL:

Product description: Ideazon's Zboard(TM) system is the world's first
interchangeable keyboard system, custom-designed for popular business
and gaming applications such as Medal of Honor(TM) and
Adobe(R)Photoshop(R). The Zboard(TM) system gives gamers a distinct
competitive advantage and enhances the application user's computing
experience. The Zboard(TM) system consists of a base and
interchangeable keypads.

Company description: North American-based Ideazon, Inc. develops,
manufactures, and markets the next generation of computer keyboard
technologies that enable a new level of interaction between the
end-user and their computer. The Zboard(TM) system enhances
performance, improves end-user satisfaction, accelerates training and
adoption, and dramatically increases productivity. Ideazon is
headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

Company:  Intellect
Contact:  Richard Kidd
Phone:  +44 20 7395 6700
E-mail:  info@intellectuk.org
Company URL:   www.intellectuk.org

Intellect, the information technology, telecommunications &
electronics association, representing over 1000 companies based in the
UK sponsor the British Gaming Village. Intellect influences decision
makers in business, media and government; sets and promotes industry
standards and best practice; and works with public and private sector
customers on behalf of members. The membership spans blue chip
multi-nationals through to early stage technology enterprises and
includes many household names.

Companies on the British Gaming Village are exhibiting a wide
range of technologies and services, many of which are being seen for
the first time at E3 in Los Angeles, USA.

Company: Interactive Selection
Booth:  6535, Kentia Hall
Media Contact: David Smith
Phone: + 44 208 944 7777
E-mail: david@interactiveselection.com
Company URL: www.Games-JOBS.com
Press Kit URL: www.Games-JOBS.com/news.asp

Product Description: Interactive Selection supplies recruitment
expertise and staff to publishers and developers across the world.
Committed to high standards of service to both employers and
candidates we respond to the demand for our services scheduling a full
diary of meetings with existing and potential clients at E3.

Company Description: Interactive Selection is the market leading
executive search and recruitment specialist working only in games.
Founded in 1996 by David Smith in London, UK with associates in
California, Nevada, Wisconsin, Texas, USA and Sydney, Australia,
Interactive Selection does not advertise, attracting clients and
candidates by reputation and word of mouth.

Company: International Hobo Ltd
Booth: 2340
Phone: +44 161 860 5771
E-mail: info@ihobo.com
Company URL: www.ihobo.com

Product description: Our flagship product for E3 is 'Ghost Master'
(published by Vivendi Universal and Empire Interactive), an innovative
haunting game for which we provided the game design and script team.
This game is a showcase for our skill with game mechanics, and the
principles of external game design.

Company description: International Hobo provides co-operative
external game design and dialogue scripting to clients on four
continents. We have pioneered 'design-integrated scripting', in which
a script writer and game designer co-operate with the development team
to place story materials in the heart of the gameplay.

Company: InterServ International
Booth: Kentia Hall 6215
Media Contact: Bender/Helper Impact, 310-473-4147
Investor Relations Contact: William Reusch
Phone: (949) 588-0865
E-mail: willr@is-games.com
Company URL: http://www.is-games.com

Product description: InterServ International will showcase Meteor
Blade, a 16-player 3D online fighting game for the PC and Xbox, based
on the world of an ancient Chinese assassin. InterServ will also show
Sword of the King, an action PC RPG, and Monster Story Online, a
child-oriented PC MMOG.

Company description: Founded in 1989 and an established developer
and publisher of entertainment and education software in Asia,
Taiwan-based InterServ International now looks to become a player in
the international games community. InterServ holds the distinction of
being one of the only Taiwan-based developers accepted into the
Microsoft Xbox Registered Developers Program.

Company: ITE ApS
Booth: 6857 Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Niels Jorgen Skov
Investor Relations Contact: Soren Sorensen
Phone: +45 70 210 200
E-mail: ite@ite.dk
Company URL: www.ite.dk, www.Hugo-net.com, www.Bukkazoom.com

ITE (Interactive Television Entertainment ApS) is the largest
multi-platform games developer and publisher in Denmark with expertise
and knowledge of games and educational concepts across a multitude of
formats. The company takes advantage of the convergence of TV,
telephone, mobile phone and the Internet to generate new markets for
gaming entertainment. In 1990 ITE launched the interactive television
show "Hugo the TV Troll" in Denmark and subsequently created an
explosive international market based on this character. The global
"Hugo" business includes #1 ranked interactive game shows, top selling
PlayStation, Nintendo and PC games, educational software, music
cassettes, toys and merchandising. In the fields of concept
development, graphic design, animation, special effects, sound design,
electronics and programming, ITE provides TV-stations and game
publishers around the world with branded TV-characters and
character-related multi platform game formats, incl. Interactive
TV-show formats, DTV Game formats, Online Games, PC CD-ROM, generic
console and Mobile phone games. ITE currently employs 60 creative and
talented people working from its Danish headquarter located in central
Copenhagen. ITE is owned by the Danish venture company Olicom A/S.

Company: JC Research, Inc.
Booth: 7011
Media Contact: Gil Lee
Phone: 408-977-1488
E-mail: gil@jcresearch.com
Company URL: www.jcresearch.com
Press Kit URL:

Product description: On-Demand CD-R Auto-Fulfillment System.
Produce high quality CDR with through-put of 500 to 6,000 CDs per
month with zero inventories. On-Demand enables you to customize each
of your CDs with essential information to meet your customers' needs.

Company description: JC Research, Inc. was established in 1982,
focusing on the design and manufacture of peripheral devices for high
tech equipment. We then reinvented ourselves and published numerous
renown educational and lifestyle/reference titles satisfying all age
group. Our goal is to bring impeccable satisfaction to the consumer's

Company: Kemco
Booth: West Hall, Booth 2808
Media Contact: Natalie Salzman; (310) 477-4647 ext. 236
Company URL: http://www.kemcogames.com/

Product description: Kemco will unveil its hot new original property,
Rogue Ops and provide a sneak peak at Lobo , an edgy new title based
on the DC Comics character. Other titles that will be showcased
include Top Gear(R) Rally and Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5.

Company description: Since 1984, Kemco has produced over 100
titles including the popular Top Gear(R) racing games and the Crazy
Castle series. Kemco also works closely with DC Comics, Warner Bros.
and Universal Studios on ongoing video game projects. Currently
Kemco's development teams are creating games for all next-generation
console platforms.

Company: Korea Game Development & Promotion Institute (Game Infinity)
Booth: Kentia Hall 6047 & 6057
Media Contact: Estella Kwak
Phone: +82 2 3424 4144
Company URL: http://www.gameinfinity.or.kr
Press Kit URL: http://e3.gameinfinity.or.kr

Product description: Korea Game Development & Promotion
Institute(KGDI) joined E3 consecutively for 3 years builds up the
bigger pavilion with various theme area and spectacular event than
ever, bringing 22 leading Korean game companies to the show. There are
17 companies make their debut at E3, among them. Each Korean Game
Company shows off their hottest games of PC(package & online), Video
Console, Arcade and Wireless at the show.

Company description: KGDI, the organizer of Korea pavilion is a
non profit agency backed up by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism, that
encourages the growth of Korean game industry with investing &
incubation service, overseas business support, R&D and professional
training. It's aim is to stimulate Korean game companies' continuity
in market attendance and to create an optimum environment to develop &
promote superb game titles, game hardware and software.

Company: Lost Boys Studios Inc.
Booth: 6811, Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Roula Lainas
Phone: 604 738 1805
E-mail: roula@lostboys-studios.com
Company URL:  www.lostboys-studios.com

Product description: Award Winning 3D Animation and Digital
Effects for Cinematic Openings, Commercials, Features, and Television.
A highly evolved production pipeline for creating exceptional product
with the most efficient budget and timeline. Clients include:
Electronic Arts (Canada), Sega/Visual Concepts Entertainment,
Sierra/Vivendi Universal Games, Black Box Games, Radical

Company description: Lost Boys Studios has now turned its
collective talents to Game Cinematics, having mastered highly
art-directed Broadcast Commercials, photorealistic Film and Television
effects, and the challenge of independent animation. Our production
pipeline, honed through seven years of teamwork, is tailor-made for
the fast-paced world of videogame promotion & marketing.

Company: Majorem LTD
Booth: Kentia hall, 6345
Media Contact:  Eyal Netanel
Investor Relations Contact:  Adi Gaash
Phone: +972-54-882198
E-mail: eyal@majorem.com
Company URL: www.majorem.com

Product description: Ballerium is a Massively multiplayer realtime
STRATEGY game. In Ballerium every player controls dozens of soldiers
fighting to escape the dying world of Ballerium before it is too late.
Estimated Release: Q4 2003

Company description: Based in Israel, Majorem approaches the games
market from its technological aspect, developing technology for
massively multiplayer persistent games. Majorem's server technology
supports MMO games for the Internet. For more information with regards
to Majorem or Ballerium, please see www.majorem.com and
www.ballerium.com, or simply mail info@majorem.com.

Company:   Microvalue
Booth: 2340
Media Contact: Colin Courtney
Investor Relations Contact: James Neffendorf
Phone: 44 191 271 4848
E-mail: info@microvalue.net
Company URL: www.microvalue.net

Product description: Sporting Simulations and Tycoon themed games.

Company description: The company based in the UK has been
developing and publishing software for over 14 years. It has two
distinct divisions, Microvalue, our publishing operation, who has
games available for licensing in several territories and Fusion
Digital Games our development arm who develops quality mid priced
games for many leading publishers.

Company: Namco Hometek Inc.
Booth: South Hall 946
Media Contact: Bender/Helper Impact; 310-473-4147
Investor Relations Contact: Hugo Reyes
Phone: (408) 321-0531
E-mail: hreyes@namco.com
Company URL: http://www.namco.com

Product description: Namco Hometek Inc. proudly showcases the
following titles at E3 2003: SOULCALIBUR(R)II, R: Racing
Evolution(TM), Spawn(R) (tentative title), Breakdown(TM),
kill.switch(TM), Time Crisis(R)3, I-Ninja(TM), Tales of Symphonia(TM)
and EXTREME FORCE(TM): Grant City Anti-Crime.

Company description: Namco Hometek Inc. is the U.S. consumer
division of Namco Limited, a Tokyo-based world leader in the high-tech
entertainment industry.  Committed to providing the ultimate
entertainment experience, Namco uses cutting-edge technology and
advanced electronics to take their theme parks, arcades and home video
games far beyond traditional entertainment.

Company: Nimrod Productions Limited
Booth: UK State of Play Pavilion - 2340
Media Contact: Marc Hassall 00 44 7989 424112
Investor Relations Contact:
Phone: 00 44 1367 718688
E -mail: info@nimrodproductions.com
Company URL: www.nimrodproductions.com

Product description: Do you want to: hear how a real recording
sounds...work with a top flight music producer...use composers with
real track records...get the hottest and best acts in the world...hear
about cutting edge ideas...experience the worlds only games
orchestra... raise the standards of game audio? Then you want Nimrod..

Company description: Exploding onto the scene in 2001 Nimrod's
goal was to shake up the world of game audio. Nimrod's major league
music CV has already reached a playerbase of over 20 million gamers.
Publishers and developers have the electrifying opportunity to utilise
Nimrod's know-how and enthusiasm. Our clients include Take2
Interactive, Infogrames/Atari, EA, Ubisoft and Sony.

Company:  Norvanco International, Inc.
Booth:  MR7039 - Kentia Hall
Media Contact:  Brian Olguin
Phone:  253-796-3100
E-mail:  inquiry@norvanco.com
Company URL:  www.norvanco.com

Product description: Norvanco provides logistic solutions to major
retailers, importers, and exporters throughout the world.

With operations specialized in meeting High Velocity
Distribution(TM), supply chain management, time sensitive release-date
driven order fulfillment and major retailer vendor compliance

Combined with customer service, an experienced team of industry
professionals and systems innovation. We can provide a logistics
solution to meet your needs.

Company description: Norvanco International is a full-service
logistics company headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, the gateway
for importers, exporters and domestic manufacturers to rapid
distribution direct to mass merchandisers, retailers and consumers.
For over 26 years now, our flexible company brings predictability and
visibility to supply chain management.

Company: Nuby Technology LLC.
Booth: 2572
Media Contact: Birute Tursa
Investor Relations Contact: Paul Chen
Phone: 310-302-9118
E-Mail: Paul@Nubytech.com
Company Url:www.nubytech.com

Product Description: Nuby announces a new line of DragonballZ
videogame accessories, consisting of themed controllers, arcade
joysticks, carrying cases, starter kits for PlayStation, PS2, GameBoy
Advance and GBA SP. These Kits will include all the favorite
characters with colorful and fun graphics to make the gaming
experience even more exciting.

Company Description: Nuby Technology Company LLC, headquartered in Los
Angeles, is a leading manufacturer and designer of video game
accessories for PlayStation(R)2 Entertainment System, Nintendo(R)
GameCube(R), GameBoy Advance(R) and Microsoft Xbox. Nuby is very
dedicated to its customers, also widely recognized by high standards,
innovative designs, product development, and excellent customer

Company:  Online Marketing and Public Relations
Booth: 436 South Hall
Media Contact:  Doug Mealy
Phone:  518.253.4459
E-mail:  dmealy@om-pr.com
Company URL: www.om-pr.com

Company description: OMPR has launched 265 titles for 65
developers, and represents more developers than anyone. We specialize
in providing PR and marketing counsel to emerging developers with
limited budgets.

Company:  Portable Media Devices
Booth:  Kentia Hall, # 6860
Media Contact:  Ed Baran - 213-482-4696
Investor Relations Contact: Darrell Griffin - 818-789-4151
Phone:  818-789-4151
E-mail:  darrell@tuneinnetwork.com
Company URL:  www.filminhand.com

Product description: The Pocket Pix CartridgeT, is a plug and play
adaptor that enables full-length feature films, video, and MP3's to be
played on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Advance SP. The
new adaptor will make its debut at E3 and shortly thereafter retail
for $59.99 - $79.99MRSP.

Company description: Portable Media Devices is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Tunein Entertainment, Inc., the first company to put
full length feature films into the palm of your hand (through their
Pocket PC Films division). PMD is designed to bring new hardware
devices, like the Pocket Pix Cartridge, to the marketplace.

Company: REALVIZ
Booth: Kentia Hall, 6041
Media Contact: Liz Tjostolvsen
Investor Relations Contact: Dominique Pouliquen
Phone: +33 4 9238 8460
E-mail: liz@realviz.com
Company URL: www.realviz.com

Product Description: REALVIZ(R) is the leader in image-based creation
software for professionals and amateurs alike working in film,
broadcasting, gaming, digital imaging, architecture, Internet and CAD.
REALVIZ' software applications (Stitcher(R), Stitcher(R) EZ,
ImageModeler(R), SceneWe@ver(R), MatchMover Professional(R),
ReTimer(R) & ReTimer(R) SD/HD) enable 2D and 3D artists, to easily and
cost-effectively tackle complex digital imaging projects.

Company Description: REALVIZ is based in Sophia Antipolis, France,
with U.S. operations in San Francisco; and a satellite sales office in
London. Founded in 1998, and derived from years of research at the
renowned INRIA Lab in France, REALVIZ' award-winning products are used
by leading production, effects, web design, game development and
architectural companies worldwide.

Company: RFWaves, Ltd.
Booth: 6902 Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Dan Fischer
Phone: +972-3-6344131
E-mail: danf@rfwaves.com
Company URL: www.rfwaves.com

Product description: RFWaves is presenting a new wireless game
controller reference design for PlayStation(R)2 and Xbox(TM) based on
its 2.4GHz radio transceiver chipset, which offers extremely low
latency, long battery life, multiple controller operation, excellent
co-existence and low cost. RFWaves and its partners offer the design
to game controller vendors and OEMs.

Company description: RFWaves provides innovative solutions for
short-range radio frequency applications by offering transceiver
chipsets with low cost, low power consumption, small size, up to 3Mbps
and robust operation. RFWaves answers the need for inexpensive and
reliable short-range connectivity in applications such as PC
peripherals, game controllers, headsets, headphones and high-end toys.

Company: Sammy Studios
Booth: West Hall 2200
Media Contact: Bender/Helper Impact; 310-473-4147
Investor Relations Contact: Meelad Sadat
Phone: 760-448-3061
E-mail: meelad@sammystudios.com
Company URL: http://www.sammystudios.com

Product description: At E3, Sammy Studios proudly unveils Seven
Samurai 20XX, inspired by the Akira Kurosawa classic film "Seven
Samurai." The company will also showcase Lethal Skies 2, a sequel to
the popular action jet combat game.

Company description: Sammy Studios creates and distributes
interactive entertainment content for next-generation video game
systems. Sammy Studios is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sammy
Corporation, a billion-dollar entertainment and amusement company in
Tokyo, Japan. Sammy Studios has offices in the US and Europe, with
headquarters in Carlsbad, CA and a video game studio complex in Los
Angeles, CA.

Booth: 6735
Media Contact: Marianne Dyck
Investor Relations Contact:
Phone: 403-250-6855
E-mail: md@scanavo-ltd.com

Company description: SCANAVO is recognized worldwide as a
manufacturer of quality DVD, CD, and Video packaging as well as Audio
and Video housings. SCANAVO warehouses are located in California,
Dallas, Toronto, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Hong Kong to serve you.

Company: Schanz Consultants and Interactive
Booth: Kentia Hall 7035
Media Contact: Ju Futterlieb
Investor Relations Contact: Gerhard Schanz
Phone: +49 (0) 6326 6010
E-mail: press@schanzgames.com
Company URL: www.schanzgames.com

Schanz International Consultants was founded in 1998 in
Deidesheim, Germany. The Consultancy is well described with its
mission statement as...your link in the gaming industry. Proudly
boasting a motivated and value-oriented team, SIC enjoys a very
special place in the industry, working together with several
developers and publishers. For the first time the company will present
its publishing arm, Schanz Interactive (SI) at the E3 show. SI
publishes in various territories and is aiming for a strong presence
in the German markets. SI released its first strategy game Legion from
Paradox Plaza successfully in the German Markets.

Company: SmileTiger Software Corporation
Booth: 349
Media Contact: Anne Kong
Investor Relations Contact: Steve Qin
Phone: 704.321.9068
E-mail: media@smiletiger.com
Company URL: http://www.smiletiger.com/
Press Kit URL: http://www.smiletiger.com/media

Product description: SmileTiger WebPresentation features web-based
audio, video, remote PowerPoint presentation, white board,
application/desktop sharing and control, local file sharing, record
and streaming, polling, Question & Answer, Microsoft Outlook and
Office integration, rich moderator functions, and complete document
management. All communication automatically passes firewalls and
proxies with strong authentication and multi-level access control.

Company description: SmileTiger Software Corporation develops and
markets software product that allow end-users to conduct meetings and
share video, software applications, document, presentations, local
files and other content on the Internet using a standard Web browser.
Integrated Web-based N-to-N audio and video are available using
standard devices, such as telephones, computer Web-cameras and

Company: Spirit
Booth: 6459
Media Contact: Marie Goebel
Investor Relations Contact: Jurgen Weyrich
Phone: +49-711-96685-50
E-mail: Weyrich@go4spirit.com
Company URL: info@go4spirit.com

Product description: Voodoo-Islands is a 3d action adventure game.
Play the ruthless life of a pirate captain in the Caribbean Sea.
Discover a world full of danger and voodoo magic. Start as a poor
little pirate and make yourself the most powerful buccaneer of all

Company description: Spirit is a development company. Our goal is
to create and produce interactive content on the highest possible
level. We focus on the development of international marketable
computer games. Our current team of about 15 employees is working on
Voodoo-Islands. More Titles are in pre-development.

Company: Softwrap Limited
Booth: West 2340
Media Contact: Emma Morris
Phone: +44 (0) 207 089 4111
E-mail: emmam@softwrap.com
Company URL: www.softwrap.com

Product description: Softwrap (www.softwrap.com) is a virtual
shrink-wrapping programme that provides authors and distributors with
a secure means of selling and distributing their software digitally,
whilst still providing the consumer with 'try-before-you-buy'
facilities. It is one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of
British-based company, Wraptech.

Company description: Wraptech Limited is a leading e-commerce
company that specialises in products and services that enable digital
distribution and sales in many formats. The sister product to
Wraptech's Softwrap is Soundwrap (www.soundwrap.com), a programme for
the digital distribution of music. Wraptech is represented in North
America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, where
on-going research and development occurs and also ensures the best
opportunity of globally distributing their business partner's music
and software, should they also require marketing and distribution

Company: Tantalus Interactive
Booth: South 436
Media Contact: Tom Crago
Phone: +61 416 170 153
E-mail: tom@tantalus.com.au
Company URL: www.tantalus.com.au

Product description: Tantalus is showing three GBA titles at this
year's E3: Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5, Top Gear Rally, and
Monster Truck Madness. A PS2 demo will also be shown to Publishers,
and at the Booth 436 in the South Hall.

Company description: Established in 1994, Tantalus has developed
close to twenty titles for all major platforms. Hits include Manx TT
Superbike and South Park Rally. The focus at present is on GBA, with
three major titles showing at this years E3, and new-generation
console, where Tantalus is proud to preview a new PS2 demo.

Company:  Technology Australia: Games Downunder
Booth:  South Hall 436
Media Contact:  Doug Mealy; dmealy@om-pr.com; 518-253-4459
Investor Relations Contact: Michelle Pflaum (Austrade, San Francisco);
Caroline Bremner (Invest Australia, San Francisco;)
Phone:  +61 3 407 303 646
E-mail:  evelynrichardson@gdaa.com.au
Company URL:  www.gdaa.com.au

Australia's game development industry is second to none. Dynamic
and sophisticated, Australian companies are already developing and
marketing titles for the largest game publishers in the world.
Australia offers world class creative talent, advanced technology and
management experience.

For the first time ever at E3, the Australians are showcasing
their best creatively and technically at the Technology Australia:
Games Downunder exhibit in South Hall booth #436.

In addition to 12 game developers, there will be 10 or so other
Australian game service companies attending the show. For more
information on the Australian industry and companies attending E3,
visit www.gdaa.com.au/e3australia.

Company: Testing Testing 123, Inc.
Booth: Kentia Hall, 7608
Media Contact: Kelsey Sheppard
Phone: 425-895-9676 or 888-718-0837
E-mail: info@tt123.com
Company URL:  www.TT123.com

Company Description: Testing Testing 123 is engineered to be your
low cost outsource testing solution. Our experienced team and base
rate of $30USD provides an economical alternative to maintaining an
internal QA department or hiring contract personnel. Whether it's
playability, functionality or TRC, TCR and Lot-Check
pre-certification, we can help!

Company: The Wild Divine Project
Booth: 6823
Media Contact: Wendy Goldner
Investor Relations Contact:
Phone: 303-494-1487
E-mail: wendy@wilddivine.com
Company URL: www.wilddivine.com
Press Kit URL:

Product description: The Journey to Wild Divine(TM) is the first
"Inner-Active" multi-media computer journey from The Wild Divine
Project(R). The Journey entertains and promotes mind/body mastery with
easy-to-use, personal biofeedback equipment. Richly textured
high-definition 3D graphics and video along with an original
soundtrack provide enchanted imagery and peaceful game-like drama.

Company description: The Wild Divine Project(R) is a privately
owned, company that produces multimedia experiences that facilitate
healing, transformation, and sustainability. We are a small company
comprised of people who are personally committed to creating and
conducting business using cooperative, caring and sustainable

Company:   Tigergame Limited
Booth:   Kentia 6753
Media Contact:   Stanley Shi
Phone:    86 755 2744 7108
E-mail:   sales@mayflash.com
Company URL:    www.mayflash.com

Product description: We specialize in video game "adapters" such
as Super Joy Box series (converters for the controllers between
different game consoles or from game consoles to PC USB port); VGA Box
Series (enhance video game display or help them to be shown in other

Company Discription: Tigergame Limited, Mayflash brand,
www.mayflash.com, is a leading manufacturer in video game accessory
field,always has new unique products and old popular items!  You might
have been using our products with/without Mayflash brand,but you'll
know we are the initial manufacturer once you try!

Company: TIPS & TRICKS Magazine
Booth: 308 South Hall
Media Contact: Brian Dunn
Phone: 323-651-5400 ext. 7905
E-Mail: bdunn@lfp.com
Company URL: www.tipstricks.com

TIPS & TRICKS is the top-selling magazine focused on console
gaming techniques. Each monthly issue is packed with an informative
blend of video game strategies, codes, previews and special interest
sections targeting the active gamer. TIPS & TRICKS' 100th issue will
be available on newsstands May 27th, 2003.

Company: Torus Games Pty Ltd
Booth: Kentia Hall - 6926
Media Contact: Bill McIntosh
Phone: +61 3 9762 0522
E-mail: info@torus.com.au
Company URL: http://www.torus.com

Product Description: An approved developer on all platforms, Torus
Games is known for some of the biggest licenses in games today,
including Space Invaders, Duke Nukem and Doom II. Currently developing
Ice Nine and Pitfall Harry, Torus is also hard at work creating
original game ideas that are available for discussion.

Company Description: Formed in 1994, Torus Games continues to be
one of Australia's leading developers. Known especially for a high
commitment to quality, publishers such as Activision, Take Two and BAM
are continuing to entrust their most important titles to Torus Games.
Visit www.torus.com.au for more information.

Company: Vivendi Universal Games
Booth: South Hall 1200
Media Contact: Leslie Hollingshead (310-431-4533)
or leslie.hollingshead@vugames.com
Phone: (310) 431-4000
Company URL: www.vugames.com

Product description: Vivendi Universal Games will showcase a broad
range of multi-platform releases, including: Baldur's Gate Dark
Alliance 2, Buffy: Chaos Bleeds, Crash Nitro Kart, Ground Control 2,
The Hobbit, The Hulk, Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer, Men of Valor:
Vietnam, Metal Arms, Simpsons Hit & Run, Starcraft Ghost and World of

Company description: Vivendi Universal Games (www.vugames.com) is
a global leader in multi-platform interactive entertainment. A leading
publisher of PC, console and online-based interactive content, Vivendi
Universal Games' portfolio of publishing labels includes Black Label
Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Coktel, Fox Interactive, Knowledge
Adventure, NDA Productions, Sierra Entertainment and Universal

Company: VxO Networks Inc.
Booth: South Hall 436
Media Contact: Doug Mealy (dmealy@om-pr.com)
Phone: (416) 644-8695
E-mail: info@vxoinc.com
Company URL: www.vxoinc.com
Press Kit URL:

VxO Networks Inc. provides the games industry with advanced
digital media publishing, delivery management software, and related
services. We operate the VxO Games Distribution Alliance ("VGDA"), a
customer-supported distributed network exclusively dedicated to
serving the gaming and interactive entertainment industries. We reduce
the costs associated with online distribution, eliminate success
penalty risks, protect all copyrights, and put a virtual store shelf
in every user's home.

Founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2003, VxO Networks Inc. is a
private company headquartered in sunny Toronto, Canada.

Company: Wild Things Interactive Ltd
Booth: 6535 Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Howard Jacobson
Phone:(+44 29 20755774)
E-mail: howard@wild-things.co.uk
Company URL: www.Wild-things.co.uk
Press Kit URL:www. Wild-Things.co.uk (see press section)

Wild Things is one of the industry's most respected manufacturers
of video games accessories. Based in the UK, the company have been
designing and supplying accessories all over the world for many, many

High quality accessories are available across all formats,
including Gamepads, memory cards, carry bags and Dancemats. Wild
Things will be using the show to appoint new distributors and agents
in all territories across the globe.

Wild Things are located in the Kentia Hall as part of the British
Pavilion - Booth number 6535.

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