Aqueon® Launches BlueIQ™ App for Smart and Easy Aquarium Care

New Hub Created to Support Beginner and Experienced Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Keepers

Aqueon® Launches BlueIQ™ App for Smart and Easy Aquarium Care - New Hub Created to Support Beginner and Experienced Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Keepers (Photo: Business Wire)

FRANKLIN, Wis.--()--Aqueon, a leading aquatic solution brand in the Central Garden & Pet portfolio (NASDAQ: CENT) (NASDAQ: CENTA), announced today the launch of the brand’s first app, BlueIQ. Created to provide an end-to-end solution for new and experienced fish keepers, the app offers guides, tips, and tricks that take the guesswork out of aquarium maintenance to provide the ultimate experience for the fish we love.

The first products to be compatible with the new BlueIQ app are the Aqueon and Coralife Smart LED lights. These lights are controlled by the app and offer a full spectrum of lighting for freshwater and saltwater environments, complete color customization, and are programmable for 24/7 scheduling. The app will also notify users when a light is on too long, or it’s time for a filter replacement so fish keepers can rest assured that their pets are always well taken care of.

“Caring for fish is a rewarding but tricky hobby, and our customers have been asking us for solutions to help them provide the ultimate environments for their beloved fish and aquatic life,” said Karina Esquivel, Director of Marketing, Aquatics. “The BlueIQ app was created to take fish owners through every step of the fish-care process, starting with the hardest part, which is setting up an aquarium and selecting the right fish. We look forward to continuing to add more Aqueon and Coralife products to the app’s portfolio so fish keepers can manage multiple products and multiple tanks all within the same app.”

The BlueIQ app is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and those who download will have full access to all app features, including helpful daily feeding reminders, maintenance alerts, tips and tricks, fun facts, and free expert advice.

The Aqueon BlueIQ app is now available as a free download in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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