VeChain and Vyvo Smart Chain Join Forces to Empower Health and Wellness with B3TR Tokens

Through this partnership users can receive B3TR tokens based on their 'Health Index Score' (HIS) generated by their health-related activities.

SINGAPORE--()--VeChain and Vyvo Smart Chain proudly announce a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at revolutionizing health and lifestyle monitoring through the incentivization of positive behaviors using B3TR tokens. This initiative, slated to integrate seamlessly with the inPersona Pro App, harnesses the power of blockchain to motivate and reward individuals for adopting and sustaining healthy habits.

The partnership introduces a pool distribution model to Vyvo Smart Chain’s existing Health Index, which provides a score for users’ overall health and lifestyle. This score subsequently is converted into B3TR tokens, which are distributed on a weekly basis. The allocation of tokens is governed by VeChain’s proprietary criteria and community voting within the VSC ecosystem.

“We’re excited to see Vyvo Smart Chain finalize their integration with VeBetterDAO, and welcome the arrival of their innovative ‘Wellness-to-Earn’ platform to our sustainability dApp ecosystem,” said Antonio Senatore, CTO of VeChain.” Using blockchain, we’re able to reward individual efforts to bettering their health and wellbeing, incentivizing healthier lifestyles and showcasing the real world impact only Web3 can generate”.

The Health Index is represented by a score on a scale of up to 100 points and has three main categories that are used for the scoring: Vitals, Activity, and Well-being. Each of these categories track various different metrics which all contribute to the overall score.

The cumulative Health Index Score (HIS) for the period generated by the community will be divided by the total $B3TR tokens available for distribution for that period to determine the $B3TR per Health Index amount. For instance, if 200,000 HIS is generated by the user base and 100,000 B3TR tokens are available for distribution for that period, each point of the Health Index would hold a value of 0.5 B3TR.

"Our partnership with VeChain marks a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize health and wellness,” said Fabio Galdi, Co-Founder and CEO of Vyvo Smart Chain. “By leveraging blockchain technology, we can empower individuals to take control of their health while rewarding them for their efforts."

Users can download the VeWorld Wallet application prior to the full integration of VeChain Wallet into the inPersona Pro App. This application is available on Apple, Android, and as a Chrome web component. Users can easily set up a new wallet or import their existing inPersona Wallet to the VeWorld App, switch to Testnet in the app settings, and incorporate the B3TR token.

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About Vyvo Smart Chain (Vyvo)

Vyvo Smart Chain leverages blockchain technology to pioneer innovative solutions that elevate user engagement and champion healthier lifestyles through real-time data tracking and incentivization mechanisms.

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Media Contact
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Media Contact
Mike Evans