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Revolutionizing Legal Workflows with Embedded AI Technology


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Introducing NeosAI! Learn more about AI functionality, including Document Generation, Document Summary, and Document Extraction

CORAL GABLES, Fla.--()--Assembly Software announces the launch of its groundbreaking AI-powered features integrated directly into its award-winning Neos case management platform, promising to transform the way legal professionals operate and streamline their daily tasks.

NeosAI is designed to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and elevate productivity by embedding AI technology directly into Neos workflows. NeosAI seamlessly integrates within Neos, empowering users to leverage AI capabilities without needing to switch between different platforms, interrupting their workflow.

"At Assembly Software, we're beyond thrilled to unveil the inaugural version of NeosAI, a revolutionary tool designed to redefine how legal professionals operate," said Daniel Farrar, CEO of Assembly Software. "With AI seamlessly integrated and embedded into the Neos platform, we're not just changing the game – we're supercharging the workflow solution for law firms, empowering our users to elevate their productivity working smarter, not harder."

After an extensive Beta program that captured constant feedback from 60+ firms to refine and improve the AI functionalities, sentiments from power users speak for the AI’s powerful appeal.

“NeosAI will assist our firm in automating time-consuming, rote actions and cutting staff time spent attending to those processes. We expect NeosAI to improve the quality and quantity of data available in Neos over time, making the system more efficient and profitable for everyone in the firm,” said David Tompkins, partner at Lewis & Tompkins, P.C.

Key Features of NeosAI include:

  • AI Document Summaries: Generate document summaries in seconds, eliminating the need for manual summarization and providing immediate insights into document contents without opening the file.
  • AI Document Generation: Automate document creation using existing Neos data, allowing for easy customization, previewing, and validation before downloading.
  • AI Document Extraction: Automatically extract key details from uploaded documents, streamlining data entry processes and ensuring accuracy in data input.

NeosAI not only boosts efficiency but also prioritizes data security, utilizing AI models provided by Microsoft Azure AI services with a Zero Data Retention Policy. This policy aligns with global data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, ensuring compliance and protecting sensitive information.

To learn more or request a demo of NeosAI visit:

About Assembly Software

Assembly Software is a visionary technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the legal industry. It blends decades of history and industry experience with next-generation, customer-focused innovation, bringing together two of the legal profession’s pioneering case management brands, Needles and Trialworks, both of which have contributed to Neos, Assembly's reimagined cloud-based solution. With its premier case management solution, Neos, and the game-changing NeosAI, Assembly Software empowers law firms to exceed expectations and maximize their potential through innovative software solutions.


Jessica Collier


Jessica Collier