Introducing Spacetop G1: The Laptop For The Spatial Computing Era

Augmented Reality hardware combined with SpaceOS spatial operating system provides a fully private, 100” multi-monitor workstation that travels like a laptop

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--Today, Sightful™ unveiled Spacetop G1, the best laptop for productivity, bringing the power of spatial computing to daily life. Spacetop G1 is the first device that combines the familiarity and utility of a laptop with the power of spatial computing. Designed for the “work from anywhere” world with a 100” virtual workspace rather than a 13” LCD, Spacetop G1 gives users what they need most: space to do their best work everywhere. Combined with 48 TOPS of AI compute, the result is a monumental shift for the laptop market, which has seen only incremental change for decades, and a critical adoption path to bring spatial computing to reality. The new Spacetop G1 ships later in 2024 for $1900, and customers can reserve theirs for $100 at

Originally introduced through an invite-only Early Access program, Sightful set out to work with and learn from early tech adopters to fine-tune Spacetop for a broader audience. Over the course of the program, Sightful incorporated feedback from Early Access users to upgrade Spacetop’s hardware and proprietary operating system, SpaceOS, before making the Early Access Spacetop generally available.

Enter Spacetop G1: The cutting edge laptop, built to provide a portable, private, and high-productivity workspace in a familiar laptop form factor. While Spacetop’s biggest benefit remains a nearly infinite workspace to expand productivity and creativity anywhere, Spacetop G1 offers additional benefits, spanning sleeker hardware and added OS functionality, including:

  • Designed for portability: With built-in, well-protected AR glasses, Spacetop is a fully-contained AR powerhouse, ready to work wherever you need. Slim profile, lightweight hardware lets users easily fit Spacetop into a standard laptop sleeve and leave their old laptop behind.
  • Stylish, comfortable, and auto-dimming AR glasses: Lightweight AR glasses designed for long-term wear, and stylish looks that help users blend in while their work stands out. Automatic dimming in bright or sunlit environments enhances focus and provides lossless text legibility, no matter where work needs to get done.
  • Expanded performance and productivity features: G1 boasts 8 hours of battery life, a new, 70% faster Qualcomm chipset, 90hz optics refresh rate - all combined with the 100” virtual canvas to boost productivity far beyond the traditional laptop.
  • Built for spatial AI: With onboard AI functionality, endless workspace for AI tools, and physical context awareness, Spacetop is built to leverage AI in ways no other device can.

“We introduced Spacetop to free people from the constraints of time and space, as we don’t believe people should be stuck in 14” screens,” said Tamir Berliner, CEO and Co-Founder of Sightful. “We firmly believe in the power of AR glasses as the first step. Physical reality has always been the limiting factor - bulky, uncomfortable headsets, limited battery and processing power, and a world that is not yet built for daily AR. This is why we collaborating with the world leading companies to deliver the most delightful product, and what we see as the world’s best laptop.”

Berliner continued, “All of the world’s tech giants have clearly signaled that they see spatial computing as the future, but their clear focus is entertainment and gaming. We are focused on unlocking productivity benefits with a product people want to use every day.”

G1 Spacetop also represents Sightful’s robust partner network, which continues to grow with best-in-class partners like Qualcomm, Wistron, and XREAL, all of which are instrumental for the hardware and manufacturing of Spacetop.

“Qualcomm has been a pioneer and committed to supporting the XR industry for over a decade,” said Said Bakadir, Senior Director, Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are proud to be powering Sightful's Spacetop Gen 1 who are looking to enhance consumer technology for spatial computing.”

"Spacetop is very clearly the most exciting laptop to enter the market in quite some time," said Sven von Aschwege, XR Innovation Lead at Deutsche Telekom AG. "From its 100" virtual workspace to 5G connectivity to its comfortable and attractive design, Spacetop G1 finally brings together the privacy, productivity, and promise of spatial computing into an incredibly well-designed product that anyone can use today. This is the device that in combination with the best 5G network will change what the way of mobile working."

Spacetop G1 can be reserved for $100 at and will ship October 2024 for $1900. Customers who are interested may purchase a Spacetop at

About Sightful

Sightful, creators of Spacetop, the world’s first Augmented Reality laptop, is a spatial computing company that is dedicated to transforming the world so digital and physical are equals and form a single coherent reality. Starting from the work from anywhere movement. Founded by spatial interface veterans Tamir Berliner (PrimeSense acquired by Apple, Magic Leap), and Tomer Kahan (Broadcom, N-trig Acquired by Microsoft, Magic Leap), Sightful brings together a rapidly growing team of 70+ employees with expertise in product management, UX/UI, core software, cloud, applications, marketing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, systems, and design, along with best-in-class manufacturing partners. Sightful investors include Corner Ventures, Aleph, and more, is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has offices in Palo Alto, New York, Taiwan, and Singapore.


David Speiser