Trilliant Health Joins Databricks Marketplace to Provide Open Access to Novel Healthcare Datasets

Trilliant Health offers access to its Provider Directory, making information about America’s 2.9 million providers publicly available.

Trilliant Health also released its national Demand Forecast, which contains 10-year projections of healthcare utilization by service line and demographic segment.

This partnership with Databricks, the data and AI company, enables Databricks customers to access proprietary healthcare datasets to derive actionable insights efficiently.

BRENTWOOD, Tenn.--()--Trilliant Health, the healthcare industry’s leading analytics and market research firm, today announced the release of the entry-level tier of its Provider Directory and the national version of its Demand Forecast on Databricks Marketplace, an open marketplace for data, analytics and AI assets, powered by open source Delta Sharing.

“Making these datasets available reflects our commitment to democratizing access to accurate data about the U.S. health economy,” said Hal Andrews, Chief Executive Officer for Trilliant Health. “The insights in these datasets are foundational to develop the evidence-based strategies that the health economy desperately needs.”

Trilliant Health’s listings on Databricks Marketplace include:

  • A Provider Directory with more than 9 million rows of data about suppliers of healthcare services, covering more than 2.9 million active physicians, allied health professionals and nurses.
  • A national Demand Forecast, which projects future demand for healthcare services over 10 years across service lines and demographic segments.

"We are proud to join the Databricks Marketplace, which offers Databricks users efficient access and convenience for workflows,” said Matthew O’Neill, Chief Data Officer for Trilliant Health. “As Databricks users, we understand the value of accessing information at scale to create analytics products."

“Databricks is excited to introduce Trilliant Health to the Databricks Marketplace, enriching our healthcare data offerings with Trilliant Health’s data,” said Michael Sanky, Global Industry Lead for Healthcare and Life Sciences at Databricks. “This partnership equips our healthcare ecosystem with valuable insights into network participation, quality and compliance, all of which contribute to network performance. By effectively incorporating provider directory data, healthcare organizations can deliver high-quality care and improve patient outcomes.”

Access the Datasets: Trilliant Health on Databricks Marketplace.

About Trilliant Health

Trilliant Health combines healthcare industry expertise, market research and predictive analytics to form Evidence-Based Strategy for Healthcare™. Trilliant Health's proprietary analytics platform produces a comprehensive understanding of local market dynamics providing exponentially better data insights to maximize returns from growth strategies.


Anna Jordan


Anna Jordan