Enterra Solutions Disrupts Enterprise Software Market by Unveiling the World’s First System of Intelligence

First-of-its-kind system will act as an analytical brain for traditional systems of record, translating enterprise data and augmenting human expertise into actionable insights and recommendations that drive growth, competitiveness and resiliency

PRINCETON, N.J.--()--Enterra Solutions, the leader in enterprise optimization and decision-making solutions, today unveiled the Enterra System of Intelligence®, an industry-first, cross-enterprise analysis and control center. Enterra’s system spans the data and process layers of established systems of record and engagement to autonomously scale optimization and data-driven decision-making across the value chain and fundamentally evolve an organization’s ability to drive growth, competitiveness, and resiliency.

The Enterra System of Intelligence® ushers in a new era of AI-enabled management science by merging cutting-edge analytical techniques with a business’ data and knowledge to Sense, Think, Act, and Learn® on enterprise data to meet the changing needs of the market. Enterra’s system acts as central “brain” within an organization, ingesting diverse datasets, business logic and practices, and strategy, to uncover unique insights and generate autonomous recommendations across the enterprise at market speed.

Insights and recommendations generated by the Enterra System of Intelligence® are acted upon through deep integrations with an organization’s established systems of record and engagement, akin to how the brain (decision-making) and central nervous system (actions) interact within the human body. Enterra’s system uniquely learns the environmental reasons that recommendations are successful or not and persists that learning in its Ontologies and Generative AI knowledge bases to improve future insights and recommendations. A concept video of how the system works at scale within an enterprise can be found here.

“Enterra is attacking a multi-billion-dollar market opportunity which has historically been unattainable due to technological limitations,” said Stephen DeAngelis, Founder & CEO of Enterra Solutions. “As organizations continue to operate in a sea of uncertainty in 2024 – from macroeconomic headwinds and rising inflation to unexpected demand swings and shifting geopolitical tensions – the Enterra System of Intelligence® is helping some of the top CPG brands in the world to navigate this volatility, mitigate risk, exploit opportunities, and drive outsized business value.”

The Enterra System of Intelligence® is a fit-for-purpose-built, 360-degree platform that automates the translation of enterprise data to actionable insights and recommendations. Its suite of interconnected business applications span the value chain of an organization and by their nature break down horizontal and vertical silos that have historically limited the effectiveness of enterprise planning. The business application modules of the Enterra System of Intelligence® are:

  • Enterra Consumer Insights Intelligence System™ that allows clients to quantitatively uncover and logically understand the inter-relationships that lead to heightened consumer understanding, hyper-personalized product recommendations, and new product innovation,
  • Enterra Revenue Growth Intelligence System™ that systemically performs holistic revenue growth optimization (including the levers of strategic and tactical pricing, trade promotion, trade architecture, price pack architecture, media mix, customer segmentation, and assortment),
  • Enterra Demand and Supply Chain Intelligence System™ that concurrently performs non-linear demand and supply planning optimization,
  • Enterra Business WarGaming™ that enables organizations to leverage their data to make strategic decisions by anticipating the moves of their competitors and taking direct action to beat the competition, mitigate risk, navigate uncertainty, and maximize market opportunity.

Enterra will unveil the first two modules of the Enterra System of Intelligence®, Enterra Revenue Growth Intelligence System™ and Enterra Business WarGaming™, and their Intelligent Agent led user interface in Chicago during the Promotion Optimization Institute’s 2024 Spring Summit. To learn more about the Enterra System of Intelligence® and its next generation user interface, please visit here or reach out to inquiries@enterrasolutions.com.

About Enterra Solutions

Enterra Solutions is introducing the world’s top brands and market leaders to true enterprise intelligence. Powered by our groundbreaking Enterra Autonomous Decision Science™ Platform, we’re delivering enterprise-wide optimization and decision-making to help businesses best achieve their most complex goals. We’re providing real human insights to facilitate smarter, faster market moves. And we’re turning unknowns into opportunities for unprecedented growth and agility. All with next-level speed, accuracy, autonomy, and continuous learning. Maximize your business’s potential with Enterra Solutions today.


Claire Riedman
585.737.3326 / enterrapr@matternow.com


Claire Riedman
585.737.3326 / enterrapr@matternow.com