K-3 Reading Proficiency Triples in 40 Days in Mingo County with Fast ForWord

PITTSBURGH--()--Mingo County School District is celebrating unprecedented success in improving K-3 reading proficiency among nearly 1,000 students through the implementation of Carnegie Learning’s Fast ForWord program.

Following a pilot program launched in March 2023 to improve reading proficiency in 968 K-3 students, Mingo County educators have reported staggering improvements in student reading capabilities. Within the first 40 days of the 2023-24 school year, a total of 322 students experienced a six-month leap in their reading proficiency levels. Additionally, the number of students scoring above the 55th percentile for reading proficiency skyrocketed from 30 to an impressive 96 within the same timeframe. Ninety-three students successfully transitioned out of the bottom percentile into higher-ranking proficiency levels, signaling a notable shift in the educational landscape of Mingo County.

“All students deserve access to a rich vocabulary,” said Mingo County School District Superintendent Dr. Johnny Branch. “Fast ForWord is backed by the science of reading and ensures that all students have access to grade-level vocabulary and comprehension skills.”

Stephanie Fabin, a second-grade teacher at Williamson PK8, saw a student gain a year and eight months of reading proficiency in one month. “He struggled at the beginning of the year. But once he started Fast ForWord, he began volunteering to read out loud in class in front of everyone. That’s a big deal.”

Fast ForWord offers an adaptive online platform that provides personalized, 1-on-1 instruction in foundational language and literacy skills. By integrating cognitive skill-building exercises with targeted reading interventions, Fast ForWord addresses the diverse learning needs of students while fostering essential cognitive capacities crucial for academic success.

“Fast ForWord keeps all levels of readers engaged,” said third-grade teacher Jennifer Sparks. “I have a student completing activities at a sixth grade reading level. She’s challenged by exercises asking her to sequence events from a reading passage.”

The district anticipates a projected increase of at least 16% in reading proficiency test scores, underscoring the efficacy of the Fast ForWord program in driving rapid and sustainable academic growth.

Given their early success, Mingo County educators are optimistic about the three-year implementation of Fast ForWord, which began in Fall 2023. Early data indicates that the county is on track to having its most successful K-3 reading proficiency scores this year. That result is expected to improve continually.

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