Bedrock Security Unveils the Industry’s First Frictionless Data Security Platform, Announces $10 Million in Seed Funding

Backed by Greylock, Bedrock Security significantly simplifies data security in today’s cloud and GenAI landscape for companies worldwide

MENLO PARK, Calif.--()--Bedrock Security, the frictionless data security company, today unveiled its comprehensive data security platform. Empowering organizations to effectively manage data risk introduced by cloud and generative AI (GenAI), Bedrock continuously discovers, manages, and protects sensitive data. The platform is powered by the industry’s only data AI Reasoning (AIR) Engine. AIR automatically understands what data is most material to an enterprise, effectively protecting their most valuable assets without slowing down data growth and business success. The company also announced $10 million in Seed Funding led by Greylock.

Bedrock Security was co-founded by data security experts Pranava Adduri and Ganesha Shanmuganathan. Adduri, with a rich history at Rubrik and AWS, identified the critical challenges in enterprise data protection. Shanmuganathan, with a strong engineering background from Cohesity and VMware and holding over 50 patents, matched this insight with his system architecture skills. Together, they developed the Bedrock Platform, a revolutionary, scalable solution designed to meet the complex data security needs of today's enterprises.

“We purpose built Bedrock with the imperative understanding that data is foundational to organizational growth, especially with the rapid adoption of generative AI,” stated Pranava Adduri, CEO and co-founder of Bedrock Security. “By fully understanding an organization’s data at the scale and speed demanded by modern enterprises, we are addressing the shortcomings of Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) and legacy data security solutions. Modern LLM architectures like Retrieval Augmentation Generation (RAG) ingest a large volume and variety of data very quickly. Unlike legacy solutions, Bedrock can effectively ensure protected information, such as regulated data and core intellectual property (IP), is not ingested into these AI models. Bedrock’s mission is to empower modern businesses to embrace all data without increasing risk.”

Bedrock’s AIR ensures companies of all sizes and industries can secure their data and manage risk easily, without compromising scale, speed, or accuracy. Regardless of where a company is in their data security journey, Bedrock Security helps organizations build a robust data security program designed for today’s exponential data growth and data usage without introducing unnecessary friction by providing:

Visibility: Accurate Risk Assessment and Remediation

The foundation of a data security journey often fails without the ability to enable accurate visibility. Bedrock uses AI reasoning to go beyond fixed rules for the most accurate data discovery, classification, and mapping. With Bedrock’s AIR, organizations now have new data classifications that were not possible through rules-based systems. This approach extends to tracking regulated data and core IP, for example, that may be used to train GenAI models. Through AIR’s technology, including data similarity, topic detection, and identity and activity analysis, Bedrock provides a clear picture of data usage and risk within one unified platform.

Data Detection and Response (DDR): Data Security Without Compromise

Data and threats are constantly changing, making it critical for organizations to perform continuous security assessments. Bedrock makes it easy to set up data perimeters to ring fence regulated data and core IP, ensuring the data is excluded from use in GenAI models. Bedrock minimizes response times and maintains accuracy by employing patented technologies, including Adaptive Sampling and Trust Boundaries, as well as using user identity and role behavior data analytics, built-in remediation, and integrated workflow capabilities. Bedrock’s distributed, serverless processing architecture enables organizations to achieve continuous DDR at the lowest OpEx in the industry.

Risk Surface Minimization: Reducing Data and Identity Exposure

Mature security teams can frictionlessly enable business operations while effectively managing risk to the organization’s brand, revenue, and reputation. Through Bedrock AIR’s impact and risk analysis, organizations can quickly reduce identity overprovisioning for data access, minimize stale data, and track and contain IP. For instance, in GenAI, it's critical to automatically track source IP and derivative works to prevent the leakage of IP and sensitive data to unauthorized models.

"Generative AI poses a unique data challenge because once data goes into a model, it’s challenging to control the output. Enterprises need assurances that GenAI models are compliant and secure, and that they will not divulge sensitive information. Bedrock’s ability to automatically learn what data is most material to the business and put boundaries between sensitive data and GenAI models is a game-changer. This capability reduces friction and enables us to safely and responsibly bring GenAI to customers faster," said Suha Can, CISO, Grammarly.

“I believe that effective security requires looking at the full lifecycle of how customer data is handled. This means getting accurate visibility, enabling data perimeters, and proactively reducing data risk. Bedrock’s innovation excites me and aligns with how I think about protecting data and managing risk effectively,” said Mukund Sarma, Sr. Director Product Security, Fastest Growing US Fintech Co.

Greylock has initiated and incubated multiple market-leading cybersecurity companies, including Palo Alto Networks, Sumo Logic, and Abnormal Security. In conversations with dozens of CISOs and data teams, it was clear that there is a strong need for a new approach to cloud data security, especially as enterprises look towards leveraging GenAI in conjunction with multiple cloud data platforms. Working closely together, the Bedrock founders and the Greylock team initiated and incubated Bedrock to enable frictionless data security for the GenAI era.

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About Bedrock Security

Bedrock Security, the frictionless data security company, is revolutionizing data security in the cloud and GenAI era with its leading data security platform powered by the industry’s only AI Reasoning Engine (AIR). Bedrock delivers the speed, scale, and precision demanded by modern enterprises to embrace the explosive growth of data without introducing risk. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and backed by Greylock, the company is led by industry veterans in cloud, GenAI and cybersecurity. To learn more, visit


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Angelique Faul
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