Update to Dapr Open Source Accelerates Developer Productivity and Unleashes Workflow Capabilities

Dapr Day virtual event hosted by CNCF highlights best practices

SEATTLE--()--Dapr, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubating project maintained by Diagrid, Microsoft, Intel, Alibaba, and others today announced the release of Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) 1.13 improving Kubernetes operations, hardening security and providing additional software development kits (SDK) for workflows.

Dapr provides developers with APIs that abstract away the complexity of common challenges when building distributed applications. With Dapr taking care of the complex challenges such as service communication, pub/sub, state management, workflow, and secret management, developers can save time by avoiding the need to recreate repetitive code.

Dapr 1.13 builds on its ability to reduce code sprawl, eliminate lock-in and minimize security exposures. Newly added in 1.13 are Go and Javascript SDKs to the Dapr Workflow API which allow developers to run fault-tolerant durable executions. Developers can now also use Rust to run Dapr Actors, a stateful and highly-scalable programming model. Kubernetes users will get improved security and the ability to perform updates of Dapr components without needing to restart their applications, a highly-requested community feature.

“The Dapr 1.13 release focuses on the stability of the project as a whole, allows Go and Javascript developers to use workflows and offers great quality-of-life improvements to Kubernetes users including a better security posture," said Yaron Schneider, co-creator of Dapr and founder and chief technology officer at Diagrid.

To learn more about Dapr 1.13, read the blog post.

Also, the CNCF held an online Dapr Day event on February 21 for anyone to learn about Dapr APIs for building distributed applications, as well as best practices to run apps in production. Read the blog post with links to the session recordings.

Introduced in 2019, Dapr has:

  • Ranked 12th largest of 163 CNCF projects
  • 1 million Docker Hub pulls (pre-built Dapr images) per month
  • Thousands of enterprises, including large retailers, healthcare, government and hyperscale cloud providers
  • 3,100-plus individual contributors
  • 7,000-plus Discord members
  • 23,000 GitHub stars

Dapr is a set of integrated APIs with built-in best practices and patterns to build distributed applications. It increases developer productivity by 20-40% with features such as workflow, pub/sub, state management, secret stores, external configuration, bindings, actors, distributed lock, and cryptography. Dapr enables developers to benefit from its built-in security, reliability, and observability capabilities, so they don't need to write boilerplate code to achieve production-ready applications.

About Dapr

Dapr is an open source Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubating project created by Diagrid founders, Mark Fussell and Yaron Schneider in 2019. Along with the rest of the Diagrid team, they continue to play an active part in leading and contributing to the project. To learn more, visit dapr.io or check out the Dapr community on Discord.


Joe Eckert for Diagrid

Release Summary

Dapr 1.13 improves Kubernetes operations, hardening security and providing additional software development kits (SDK) for workflows.


Joe Eckert for Diagrid