Haus Capital Corporation and Calque Collaborate to Offer the Trade-In Mortgage

Innovative Mortgage Lending Solution Utilizes Existing Equity for Buyers to Purchase Their Next Property

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Haus Capital Corporation, a leading mortgage broker on the east coast, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Calque to provide The Trade-In Mortgage. This collaboration combines the expertise and resources of both companies to create a seamless and convenient option for homeowners looking to upgrade to a new home.

With The Trade-In Mortgage, homeowners have the option to utilize the equity in their current home as a down payment for their next home; a homebuyer can make a non-contingent offer that is on par with cash in today’s highly competitive estate market. Furthermore, they can buy and move into their new home before they sell their current one, making the entire moving process easier on buyers and their families.

“Haus identified Calque as an innovative solution for homebuyers in a challenging housing market complicated by high interest rates and limited inventory,” said Samuel DiPiano, president and founder of Haus Capital Corporation. “While homeowners are experiencing record high levels of home equity, they can utilize tools like The Trade-In Mortgage to acquire their next property. Homeowners can easily purchase and relocate to their new home before selling their current one.”

The collaboration between Haus Capital Corporation and Calque benefits homeowners and boosts the real estate market by stimulating more buying and selling activity. The Trade-In Mortgage revolutionizes the mortgage industry by simplifying the process.

“Calque found an ideal partner with Haus,” said Dan Mugge, chief operating officer at Calque. “Haus is dedicated to prioritizing their customers, and The Trade-In Mortgage offers a superior home buying experience for homeowners who want to tap the equity in their current property to help purchase their next one.”

About HAUS Capital Corporation

HAUS Capital Corporation is a preferred mortgage broker serving Upstate and Western New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and South Carolina. We started in Rochester, NY in 2017 in a small office with only a few mortgage loan originators, many of whom are still with HAUS today and still helping it grow its vision. The mortgage broker offers its clients a professional and streamlined homeownership experience. HAUS Capital aims to make the whole mortgage process simple, hassle-free, and understandable. Corporate NMLS #1549644

Haus Capital Corporation is a registered mortgage broker. NYS department of financial services. Loans are arranged through third-party providers.

Haus Capital Corporation DBA Haus Mortgage Corporation is a licensed mortgage broker by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation and by the Pennsylvania Office of Financial Regulation.

About Calque

Calque partners with established community lenders to offer mortgage lending solutions that make the home purchase process simpler, less stressful, and more cost effective for homeowners. Mortgage products such as The Trade-in Mortgage™ streamline the entire home purchase process from start to finish by enabling consumers to submit non-contingent offers that function like cash offers, buy and move into their new home before selling their current one, use the accrued equity on their existing home to increase their down payment and reduce their monthly payments, prep their original home for sale after they’ve moved out, and stress less during the process.

Calque does not compete with lenders, but only utilizes best-in-class, FDIC-insured banks, credit unions, and mortgage banks in every state across the country. To learn more about Calque, visit


Alyson Austin

Release Summary

Haus Capital Corporation, a leading mortgage broker on the east coast, launches The Trade-In Mortgage™ with Calque, a buy-before-you-sell solution.


Alyson Austin