The Future of Trailer Tracking: Matrack’s PingMaster 5000 Steals the Show at NATM 2024

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SAN RAMON, Calif.--()--Matrack Inc., a leading AI-based GPS fleet management solution provider, launched its pioneering new trailer tracker PingMaster 5000™ at the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers Convention and Tradeshow (NATM 2024), which was held in Las Vegas February 12-15, 2024. The PingMaster 5000 won two major NATM awards, the Manufacturer’s Favorite Award and the Innovative Breakthrough Award for best cutting-edge technology.

“The PingMaster 5000 is designed with our customer’s needs at the forefront and integrates our most acclaimed features, such as instant theft alerts, our proprietary MoveGuard motion-sensing technology, an unparalleled battery life that exceeds ten years, and detailed departure and arrival reports, along with a unique cellular triangulation feature,” said Faith Pomeroy Ward, Matrack’s spokesperson. “The PingMaster 5000 offers unmatched reliability, state-of-the-art innovation, and absolute peace of mind for trailer owners and fleet managers across the globe, which is why it clinched NATM’s Manufacturer’s Favorite Award and Innovative Breakthrough Award for best cutting-edge technology at the NATM 2024.”

Here are the top features of PingMaster 5000 that make it popular among trailer manufacturers:

1. Unmatched Theft Detection with Instant Alerts

The PingMaster 5000 sets the standard with its MoveGuard technology, detecting theft immediately, a stark contrast to traditional trackers' delayed responses. Its one-touch security allows you to easily arm the device, triggering instant alerts and aggressive tracking for any unauthorized movement, all manageable via a user-friendly app available for Android and iPhone, enhancing security and control.

2. Advanced MoveGuard Motion-Sensing Technology

The tracker leverages its advanced technology to filter out minor movements and focus on significant events like theft with customized geofence alerts for critical areas. PingMaster 5000 offers precise monitoring of trailer status, direction, and speed with every ping, ensuring alerts are meaningful and actionable.

3. Industry-Leading Battery Life

One of the USPs of PingMaster 5000 is its battery life of 5000+ pings, providing 10+ years of service on one daily ping. Fully customizable ping frequency through the app meets all monitoring needs, significantly cutting maintenance and replacement costs.

4. Comprehensive Departure and Arrival Reports

The device's ability to generate detailed departure and arrival reports makes it invaluable for logistics and fleet management. These reports facilitate tracking trailers' movements for deliveries, employee shift patterns, and break times - all timestamped for verification purposes.

5. Unique Cellular Triangulation Mode

Another feature that sets the PingMaster 5000 apart in the market is its cellular triangulation mode, which provides approximate location data when GPS signals are unavailable, such as indoors or in satellite-obstructed areas. This feature ensures continuous monitoring capability where other trackers fail.

6. Instant Installation and Low Profile Design

A big part of PingMaster 5000’s popularity can be credited to its easy-to-install design. The small size (3.6 in x 3.3 in x 1.3 in) and easy fitting process allow the PingMaster 5000 to fit onto any trailer without problems, staying hidden while providing the best security.

7. Dedicated 24/7 Technical Support

Matrack specializes in offering 24/7 technical support 365 days a year for all our products, including the PingMaster 5000. This ensures that our customers have continuous access to assistance and peace of mind.

Our commitment to building solutions that truly meet the customers' needs drives the Matrack team. Every day we listen closely to fleet managers' challenges to help them continually optimize their trailer monitoring and security. Matrack GPS trackers go beyond the ordinary, going beyond solving problems to set new standards in fleet management!

The PingMaster 5000 represents Matrack’s latest innovation, raising the bar in the GPS tracking industry. For more information on how the PingMaster 5000 can transform your trailer security and monitoring, please visit

About Matrack Inc.:

Matrack Inc. is a leading provider of GPS fleet management solutions for the trucking industry, continuously striving to provide customers with cutting-edge technology at the most affordable price, backed by best-in-class customer support. Our products and services include GPS fleet tracking solutions, dash cams, electronic logging devices (ELDs), fuel cards, asset and trailer tracking, and factoring. For more information about Matrack, Inc., visit our website at


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The new PingMaster 5000 trailer tracker stole the show at the 2024 National Association of Trailer Manufacturers Convention-winning two major awards.

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