Healthier Air in Offices and Homes with Ventilated Interior Door from VanAir

Innovative Door Delivering Superior Air Circulation and Sound Privacy Showcased at IBS 2024

The VanAir Door, designed for both commercial and residential applications, features a patented, built-in ventilation system promoting healthier indoor air quality, while delivering exceptional acoustics and superb aesthetics. The new interior door’s staggered slot openings on its opposing faces create a unique through-door airflow channel for enhanced air circulation. The new VanAir Door is showcased this week at the International Builder Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, booth, C2449. (Photo: Business Wire)

VANCOUVER, Canada--()--Introducing the most significant innovation in the interior-door market in years, VanAir unveils the VanAir Door, featuring a patented, built-in ventilation system, exceptional acoustics, and superb aesthetics. Designed for both commercial and residential applications, the VanAir Door features staggered slot openings on the door’s opposing faces to create a unique through-door airflow channel for enhanced air circulation. The new VanAir Door is being showcased at the International Builder Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, in the BC Wood booth, C2449, Central Hall.

The need for ventilated doors is acute. Indoor air quality is critical for a healthy living environment. Air circulation helps reduce air pollutants such as CO2, which can lead to respiratory illnesses, poor sleep, and breathing disorders. Proper ventilation also helps dissipate humidity to prevent mold and bacteria growth in bathrooms, balances air pressure and temperatures throughout a building, and prevents heat buildup in laundry and mechanical rooms.

Aesthetically, the VanAir Door allows architects and interior designers to avoid unsightly vents, grills, and louvers, while meeting the most stringent building codes. The new ventilated door can be installed in a wide variety of interior environments, including commercial spaces, single and multi-family residential housing, hotels, schools, and healthcare facilities.

The VanAir Door also delivers outstanding sound privacy, with sound absorption on par with solid-core doors. Built-in acoustic baffles isolate sound at both low and high frequencies, achieving an independently-tested Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 26.

“We’ve needed a higher-performing interior door in our homes and in our workplaces for decades, one designed to promote better air quality and healthier indoor environments,” said Vick Yau, Co-Founder, VanAir. “The technology we’ve integrated into our VanAir Door not only promotes superior air quality, it offers outstanding acoustic performance, and has a look architects and interior designers covet.”

VanAir Door specs:

  • Designed to fit standard 1-3/4” and 1-3/8” door openings.
  • Available up to 4’0” in width and 10’0” in height.
  • Suitable for hinged, pocket, double door, and sliding applications.
  • Accepts all standard hardware, closers, and sweeps.
  • Provides the equivalent airflow of a 12” x 12” louver.
  • Delivers the sound privacy of a solid core door.
  • Available pre-primed for custom painting, or in five rich wood-grain finishes: Ash, Fir, Oak, Sapele, and Walnut.

For more information on the VanAir Door, visit VanAir or call 844 -757-6437

About VanAir

Inventor of state-of-the-art acoustical and ventilating solutions for interior doors, Vancouver BC-based VanAir is dedicated to the creation of aesthetically designed doors that provide better airflow and sound privacy throughout interior spaces. Designed for both work and home-living spaces, VanAir serves the commercial, multifamily, and single-family residence markets. The patented VanAir Door is available throughout North America. For more information, visit


Ray Vincenzo
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Ray Vincenzo
(206) 290-4431