Bitwarden Secrets Manager Integrates with Ansible Playbook to Streamline Secure Server Deployment

New deployment options empower developers with automated secure zero knowledge end-to-end encryption

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--()--Bitwarden, the credential management leader, today further enhanced Bitwarden Secrets Manager by integrating with Ansible Playbook. This out-of-the-box integration enables developers and DevOps teams to securely streamline their server deployment processes using zero knowledge end-to-end encryption to enhance their security posture.

The Need for Speed in Software Development

Development teams face increasing pressure to accelerate their workflows. A recent study found nearly 70% of software development teams release updates multiple times per month, with 18% deploying daily or even more frequently. Automation resources like Ansible — one of the most popular configuration management tools — are essential for empowering teams to deploy servers faster and meet critical deadlines. This integration enables development teams to securely manage sensitive secrets and automate them into the server deployment process quickly.

“I can definitely tell you that my workload has decreased, probably by one to three hours per week. Productivity has also increased with Bitwarden Secrets Manager," said Jannis Morgenstern, Head of IT, Titanom Technologies. "At this point, it would be almost impossible to leak our secrets. It's just one less thing we have to worry about."

What are Ansible Playbooks?

Ansible is a configuration management tool that programmatically configures servers, networks, code repositories, devices, and applications via playbooks – sets of predefined jobs written in simple Yet Another Markup Language (YAML) code. This minimizes manual work, improves efficiency, and reduces deployment time.

Streamlining Deployment and Enhancing Security

Storing secrets in Ansible files is common practice for developers, but introduces security concerns. The Bitwarden Secrets Manager integration for Ansible, powered by the Ansible lookup plugin, ensures secrets are stored in one secure location, protected by end-to-end encryption. With granular access permissions, only privileged employees can access these Ansible-specific secrets — defending company ecosystems from unauthorized access.

Ansible supports automated infrastructure provisioning, compliance, and complex workflow orchestration at scale. Introducing Secrets Manager into Ansible workflows further increases developer productivity, allowing for faster configuration of servers and applications with immediate access to necessary secrets.

Availability and Features

The Ansible integration for Bitwarden Secrets Manager is now available. For more information on how this integration can accelerate server deployment, visit

Key offerings of Bitwarden Secrets Manager include:

  • Unlimited secret storage across all free and paid plans
  • Unlimited projects for paid plans across any number of users
  • Comprehensive developer-focused documentation
  • Growing list of out-of-the-box integrations and SDKs
  • Enterprise self-hosting for enhanced secrets control
  • Granular access management permissions and audit logs
  • Easy provisioning of employees with SSO, SCIM, and directory integrations
  • Predictable pricing

About Bitwarden

Bitwarden empowers enterprises, developers, and individuals to safely store and share sensitive data. With a transparent, open-source approach to password management, secrets management, and passwordless innovations, Bitwarden makes it easy for users to extend robust security practices to all of their online experiences. Founded in 2016, Bitwarden is supported by a passionate global community of security experts and enthusiasts. The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, and has a globally distributed team. Learn more at


Press Contact:
Mike Stolyar
Director of Communications, Bitwarden


Press Contact:
Mike Stolyar
Director of Communications, Bitwarden