GigaOm Sonar for Vector Databases Positions Vespa as a Leader and Forward Mover

GigaOm Sonar Reports evaluate technology that is new, interesting, and attractive but poses intrinsic risk when it comes to enterprise adoption. These reports give you the right information at the right time to help plan your strategy. Vespa is positioned as a Leader and Forward Mover in GigaOm's latest report on vector databases. (Graphic: Business Wire)

TRONDHEIM, Norway--()--Vespa, supplier of the leading platform for applications that leverage AI and data online at scale, today announced it has earned recognition as a leader and forward mover in the GigaOm Sonar for Vector Databases.

The research cites Vespa as a platform leader “because of its widespread embedding flexibility, rapid time for updating, and hybrid search capabilities–with neural network rankings. These are critical to maximizing the ROI for vector similarity search engines.”

Andrew Brust, Analyst, GigaOm: “Interest in the vector database market is surging as industries seek advanced AI to manage vast unstructured data. Vespa is well placed in this market with strengths that include model versatility, search flexibility and real-time capabilities.”

Daniel Doro, Director of Engineering, Search, Spotify: “As a reliable and scalable solution, Vespa has been instrumental in enabling Search at Spotify. We look forward to continuing our work with the Vespa team and enabling innovation that will enhance the experience for Spotify listeners.”

Jungwon Byun, COO & Cofounder, Elicit: “Vespa is a battle-tested platform that allows us to integrate keyword and vector search seamlessly. It forms a key part of our AI research solution, guaranteeing precision and rapidity in streamlining research processes. We highly recommend Vespa for its reliability and efficiency.”

Jon Bratseth, CEO and Founder, Vespa: “We are pleased to be recognized as a leader in an emerging, highly relevant, and rapidly growing market. AI is getting significant attention for its role in solving today's data challenges found in eCommerce, digital media, financial services and other industries. Vespa enables organizations to realize this opportunity. GigaOm brings clarity to this crowded and hype laden market.”

In October 2023, Vespa was spun out from Yahoo as an independent company, although the technology has existed for over a decade. Yahoo remains a key investor with Vespa technology underpinning approximately 150 applications that are integral to Yahoo’s operations.

The GigaOm Sonar for Vector Databases can be downloaded here:

About Vespa

Vespa is a platform for applications which leverage AI and data to deliver experiences to end users online in real time, such as search, recommendation, personalization, and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG). Vespa automatically organizes data, inference and logic to allow applications to work with any amount of data, queries, and is available both as a managed service and as open source.

About Elicit

Elicit is the first AI research assistant using language models to automate research workflows like literature review. Over 250,000 researchers in leading academic and industry labs around the world use Elicit every month to summarize papers and extract insights at scale.


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Vespa has earned recognition as a leader and forward mover in the GigaOm Sonar for Vector Databases.

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