Open Source Dapr Users Now Have Self-Service Trial Option with Conductor from Diagrid

Conductor software-as-a-service puts Dapr clusters on autopilot by automating operations, enforcing security and increasing service reliability

FEDERAL WAY, Wash.--()--Diagrid, provider of tools and services to build reliable and portable applications using open source Dapr, today announced a self-service trial of Conductor Enterprise, a Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps manage, upgrade, and monitor Dapr on Kubernetes clusters.

The self-service trial gives thousands of organizations using the CNCF project Dapr software – including large retailers, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and government – an easy on-ramp to try Conductor, which previously required onboarding support from Diagrid.

Whether users are running Dapr and Kubernetes on their local machine, on-premises, or in the cloud, Conductor serves as a single control center for all Dapr-enabled clusters. It not only ensures operational excellence, but also detects security, performance, and reliability issues, along with real-time insights into critical downtime events. Conductor also comes with enterprise support from Diagrid for Dapr open source.

"With Conductor Enterprise, users are able to build apps with Dapr, run them on Kubernetes, then manage them using Conductor – essentially putting Dapr clusters on autopilot,” said Mark Fussell, co-founder and CEO, Diagrid. “Conductor is the missing management piece for Dapr – with Conductor, users get a suite of benefits aimed at optimizing their Dapr deployment on Kubernetes. This includes commercial support tailored for open source Dapr, making it particularly valuable for users operating Dapr in production environments."

Conductor enables users seeking enterprise-grade support for Dapr to meet service level agreements (SLAs). The self-service trial simplifies the onboarding process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users keen on exploring Conductor's capabilities.

Conductor enables enterprises to run Dapr in production with confidence. By connecting their Dapr cluster to Conductor, now users can take advantage of a free 30-day trial period to get firsthand experience of Conductor's capabilities.

Key features of Conductor include the following.

  • Optimized operations
    • Resource optimization: Diagrid Conductor helps optimize resource usage, potentially reducing infrastructure costs by up to 80%.
    • Dapr cluster management: Monitor and manage multiple Dapr clusters across any Kubernetes distribution.
    • Automatic upgrades: Automated Dapr upgrades and downgrades including coordinated application rollouts, saving valuable operational time and ensuring guaranteed deployment consistency.
  • Security and Reliability
    • Diagrid Conductor continuously checks for misconfigurations and through its Advisor function applies production best practices, saving days of time having to read documentation.
    • Prevent downtime with automated certificate updates: Regular application certificate updates can be scheduled with zero downtime, keeping clusters always secure and online.
    • Version management: Ability to stay current with the latest Dapr versions, security patches and hotfixes.
  • Insights
    • Real-time analysis: By capturing over 150 Dapr metrics, real-time analysis can be done on latency, errors and throughput of an application, as well as alerts that detect failed infrastructure or an application that crosses memory or CPU thresholds.
    • Application diagnostics: Diagnose application incidents in minutes, discover errors in logs, find latency issues and reduce production incident discovery time by as much as 70%.
    • Visualize dependencies: The application graph provides a dynamic overview of services and infrastructure components, facilitating collaboration between development and operations teams. By combining application and infrastructure health status along with metrics, operations teams have a holistic live view, with alerts.

To explore the features and benefits of Conductor, refer to the datasheet. Additionally, users are encouraged to sign up for the Conductor trial, learn more about Conductor here and read the blog post.

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Joe Eckert for Diagrid

Release Summary

Diagrid announced a self-service trial of Conductor Enterprise, a SaaS that helps manage, upgrade, and monitor Dapr on Kubernetes clusters.


Joe Eckert for Diagrid