cove.tool Announces Partnership with SolaBlock Will Focus Leveraging New Sustainability Consultant Feature

AI-Powered Data Engine Teams Up with Clean-Tech Company to Drive Sustainable Building Solutions for Architects

ATLANTA--()--cove.tool, the AI-powered data engine transforming building design, is pleased to announce its official partnership with SolaBlock, an innovative construction and clean-tech startup company. SolaBlock will harness the capabilities of cove.tool’s revgen.tool product, which now includes a new AI-powered feature, design.assist. This collaboration will enable architects to make data-driven design decisions on a range of performance strategies early in the process including clean energy options and facade treatments.

“With our recent launch of design.assist, cove.tool customers gain access to an AI-powered Building Science professional. This game-changing resource delivers custom reports based on trusted, validated data, assisting companies in streamlining their sustainability goals and simplifying complex tradeoffs,” says Sandeep Ahuja, CEO of cove.tool. “By utilizing these tools, users can now compare SolaBlock to other clean energy products and easily recognize the impact of its unique enablement of net-zero construction.”

cove.tool’s comprehensive revgen.tool solution empowers manufacturers and their customers to analyze renewable generation, facade characteristics, and the overall positive impact on project budgets. When a customer encounters SolaBlock in the cove.tool engine, they instantly understand the distinctive combination of solar generation and aesthetic excellence it offers.

“The partnership between SolaBlock and cove.tool represents a strategic, long-term opportunity to drive sales and ultimately decarbonize the built environment,” says Eric Planey, CEO of SolaBlock. “We anticipate that design.assist reports will bolster our lead generation efforts and expedite our project timelines. Our Series A round will enable SolaBlock to grow its presence within cove.tool’s engine, capitalizing on the rapidly growing momentum for decarbonizing residential, commercial, and institutional properties. Additionally, the inclusion of both cove.tool and Candace Shermansong as our Architect & Built Environment advisor gives us the complete toolbox to respond to unique customer demands.”

SolaBlock is positioned for success in 2024 due to the economic benefit it provides for both new buildings and retrofits. The company remains committed to investing in its technology and partnerships to educate and support architects in meeting their evolving needs, particularly as the availability of incentives for solar power generation and building efficiency continues to expand.

SolaBlock and cove.tool will kick off the new partnership with an in-person celebration at the 2024 New York Build Expo on February 13 at 11:00 a.m. at cove.tool booth #249. Learn more at

About SolaBlock

SolaBlock provides Vertical Solar Solutions (VSS) for our customers utilizing our patented Solar Masonry Units (SMUs). SolaBlock’s Solar Masonry Units (SMUs) combine premium solar technology with the familiarity of standard masonry units. Founded in Massachusetts, SolaBlock is proud to be assembled in the USA. For more information, visit:

About cove.tool

cove.tool is an AI-powered sustainability consulting company that leverages software and AI to find data-driven insights to transform building design and construction. Its streamlined, responsive analysis enables architects, design teams, and building product manufacturers to leverage data for informed decisions, ensuring optimized design outcomes and an improved ROI. In fostering trusted and strategic partnerships, cove.tool enhances collaboration among project teams and maximizes architectural and business success, while simultaneously championing systemic climate action by driving rapid decarbonization of buildings through simulation.

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Madelyn Hill

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cove.tool, the AI-powered data engine transforming building design, announces its official partnership with SolaBlock.


Madelyn Hill