AlensiaXR Series A Funding Round to Evolve Anatomical Instruction Using Holograms

Startup to Accelerate and Scale Adoption of Pioneering HoloAnatomy Software to Transform the Way Students Learn Human Anatomy

CLEVELAND--()--AlensiaXR, a technology company launched by Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), today announced the completion of its Series A funding round to accelerate development and delivery of its HoloAnatomy® learning platform. The software revolutionizes anatomical instruction by leveraging advanced holographic technology, reducing the need for costly, resource-intensive cadaver labs.

“This milestone marks a significant step forward in the transformation of medical education,” said AlensiaXR CEO Mark Day, who previously led Microsoft’s global HoloLens business. “Our investors understand the HoloAnatomy impact: delivering improved learning outcomes anywhere in the world.”

Based on pilot studies, HoloAnatomy enabled medical students to learn anatomy twice as fast compared to cadaver dissection, retaining information 44% better when tested later.

“HoloAnatomy redefines anatomical instruction,” said Mark Griswold, professor at the CWRU School of Medicine and faculty director at the university’s Interactive Commons, which developed the software. “Building on its long history of bringing influential research into the public domain, CWRU launched AlensiaXR in early 2023 to accelerate product innovation, improve partner service, and rapidly scale the potential of this extraordinary learning platform. We’re excited to witness the next phase of adoption.”

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars were saved.”
—California Health Sciences University

The investment round was led by Sopris Capital, a venture capital firm focused on technology-enabled healthcare solutions. “We believe in the potential of HoloAnatomy software to evolve medical education and we’re excited to support and witness the rapid growth of AlensiaXR in service of this mission,” said Sopris Partner Abinav Sankar, who will join the company’s board.

The funding round also includes investments from the Healthcare Collaboration Fund, co-managed by JumpStart Ventures and University Hospitals Ventures, and the JobsOhio Growth Capital Fund.

“With this capital, AlensiaXR is poised to expand its pioneering learning platform to more students and institutions worldwide,” said Michael Oakes, PhD, CWRU SVP for Research. “HoloAnatomy is helping transform the future of education.”

“Virtual learning is democratizing what has been an elite understanding of the human body.”
—NBC Nightly News

AlensiaXR will use the funds to enhance HoloAnatomy capabilities and advance development efforts to include any field that requires an understanding of human anatomy—including dentistry, physiology, and pathology. The company is actively engaging customers to guide the evolution of the learning platform, and will seek to expand into additional applications and global markets.

HoloAnatomy software is already in use by more than 20 institutions worldwide, ranging from Northwestern University to Finger Lakes Community College. These forward-thinking institutions use the HoloAnatomy platform to attract tech-savvy students, entice donors, save budgets for more pressing expenditures, and provide a more engaging, immersive educational experience.

About AlensiaXR

Developed by Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), a leading light in global medical education, the HoloAnatomy® Software Suite provides a lens into the human body through interactive, three-dimensional holograms. AlensiaXR (formerly Ilumis) was formed to help CWRU extend the HoloAnatomy learning platform to every anatomy program in the world.

About Sopris Capital

Sopris Capital is a venture capital firm that invests growth equity in technology-enabled business services and SaaS companies that are solving critical pain points. Sopris seeks to be a value-added partner to fast-growing companies that have a validated business model, proven product/market fit, and a management team that can capitalize on the opportunity ahead.


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Rob Dalton, SVP Communications: 206.853.8823,