Revolutionizing AI Defense: Wing Security Unveils Cutting-Edge Automated Protection Against AI-SaaS Risks

Wing's new capability protects critical business information from leaking by automating SaaS Security and Posture Management for thousands of AI-powered applications

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--Wing Security (Wing), the leading provider of SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM), today unveils an automatic advanced approach to counter the evolving risks of Intellectual Property (IP) and data leakage into GenAI applications. Amidst the growing adoption of GenAI, and the many SaaS applications powered by GenAI, Wing brings awareness and control back to security teams who are facing a dynamic and complex new attack surface.

Wing's latest research covering over 320 companies, highlights the widespread adoption of AI-powered SaaS within businesses. They found that 99.7% of organizations are utilizing SaaS applications powered by GenAI, one in five employees is actively using at least one AI application, and 70% of the most used applications can train their models based on customer data. In many cases the AI capabilities are configurable, but most users are not aware of that without the proper solution in place.

By seamlessly automating the risk reduction process within business units, from discovery to analysis and through remediation, Wing ensures a collaborative and straightforward strategy for enhancing security. The innovative approach alleviates the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and their team from becoming bottlenecks in safeguarding the organization's sensitive data and Intellectual Property, preventing potential exposure to GenAI risks by including the applications’ users in the remediation loop.

The company’s new capability excels in identifying applications infused with AI capabilities, a crucial aspect that companies often overlook. Wing's proficiency extends to determining whether SaaS apps used in daily business operations store their customers’ data, employ AI to learn from the data, and facilitate human review to assist in their AI model training by manually reviewing this sensitive data. To achieve this, Wing has elevated its unique insights and capabilities, empowering users to navigate the landscape with extensive visibility into over 300,000 applications, including those less commonly known.

“AI use is increasing, improving productivity, but posing cross-organizational risks,” said Galit Lubetsky Sharon, CEO at Wing. “Our latest innovation facilitates collaboration within the product among security teams and the rest of the organization. The only way to continuously address a decentralized problem is to define the organizational workflow to solve it; automated flows embedded in the product are the key to our unique solution.”

Wing Security reinforces its dedication to safeguarding SaaS environments amid the evolving cybersecurity landscape shaped by AI. By integrating AI discovery capabilities into its free discovery tier, users can now benefit from essential security information with the ability to explore beyond this limit. This enhancement reflects Wing’s commitment to providing organizations with streamlined security operations, offering access to the industry’s largest SaaS database for actionable security insights and empowering them with comprehensive tools to maximize their SaaS potential.

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Wing empowers organizations to leverage SaaS potential while ensuring a robust security posture. Our SSPM solution provides unparalleled visibility, control, and compliance capabilities, fortifying defenses against modern SaaS-related threats. With automated security capabilities, Wing saves weeks previously spent on manual processes for CISOs, security teams, and IT professionals. Trusted by global companies, we offer actionable security insights derived from an industry-leading SaaS application database covering over 300,000 SaaS applications, ensuring the safest and most efficient SaaS utilization.


Madison Farabaugh

Release Summary

Wing Security unveils new automated SSPM capability to protect against AI-SaaS risks and critical business information leakage.


Madison Farabaugh