LinkSquares Furthers AI Leadership With Announcement of Generative AI Strategy

New generative AI capabilities across the LinkSquares Cloud will enhance legal workflows while ensuring accuracy and compliance

AI-Assisted Redlining will accelerate redlining in LinkSquares Finalize for Word, making it easier for users to review, approve, and edit document versions so they never have to start from scratch again. (Graphic: Business Wire)

BOSTON--()--LinkSquares, the leading, AI-powered legal technology partner of choice, announced the company’s 2024 strategy to infuse generative AI across its entire product suite, starting with AI-Assisted Redlining in Finalize for Word and AI-Suggested Subtasks in Prioritize. The enterprise legal management platform combines native AI built exclusively for legal teams with generative AI technology to enhance legal workflows while ensuring accuracy and compliance throughout.

“As the pioneer in AI-powered legal technology, our commitment has always been to deliver real customer value through cutting-edge AI,” said Vishal Sunak, CEO and co-founder, LinkSquares. “Our strategic focus centers around enhancing all legal workflows across the LinkSquares Cloud through both our proprietary AI and generative AI features. We’re thrilled to deliver on our promise to help legal teams unlock more efficiency, consistency, and value across their business with our AI-powered enterprise legal management platform purpose-built for legal.”

LinkSquares’ deliberate approach to generative AI focuses on the holistic legal professional, going beyond just contracts and extending into legal project management. LinkSquares’ new generative AI capabilities launching in Q1, AI-Assisted Redlining and AI-Suggested Subtasks, further the company’s commitment to help legal teams keep pace with today’s rapidly changing business environment and work more efficiently than previously possible.

Simplified contract reviews with AI-Assisted Redlining

Redlining is a critical yet time-consuming process for legal teams because the sensitivity of negotiations with third parties demands the utmost care and attention. LinkSquares’ AI-Assisted Redlining will accelerate redlining in LinkSquares Finalize for Word, making it easier for users to review, approve, and edit document versions so they never have to start from scratch again.

AI-Assisted Redlining generates an agreement summary based on AI analysis as redlines and language progress, evolving as new versions are created, while taking a first pass of the redlines your party requires. LinkSquares’ AI analyzes each contract based on pre-approved language, detects language that deviates from configured standards, and flags when additional attention is needed. In addition to identifying potential risk across all agreements, AI-Assisted Redlining provides suggestions to improve the flagged language. Outside of automatically detected language, users can prompt the system to generate changes with suggested redlines anywhere in their documents.

Streamlined template workflows with AI-Suggested Subtasks

AI-Suggested Subtasks help speed up the process of creating and carrying out legal workflows in LinkSquares Prioritize by automatically generating suggested steps for both the requestor and the legal team. Legal teams can manually enter the steps required to create a specific task or let LinkSquares’ AI recommend subtasks. Customized workflows with Prioritize Templates allow teams to standardize the completion of recurring tasks — from reviewing marketing collateral to applying for a trademark, delivering board minutes, or approving a new human resources policy — while improving cross-functional alignment, efficiency, and consistency.

LinkSquares’ generative AI will share similar parameters to the company’s proprietary AI technology built exclusively for legal teams, and will only return generated content useful to a legal professional. LinkSquares’ hybrid large language model strategy currently includes Anthropic’s Claude on AWS Bedrock, and will continue to diversify to meet legal’s emerging needs.

To learn how LinkSquares’ enterprise legal management platform is helping teams move business forward faster, check out the LinkSquares Cloud.

About LinkSquares

LinkSquares unlocks the full potential of legal teams at more than 1,000 companies, including Wayfair, TIME, ProPharma, the Boston Celtics, and Commvault with purpose-built, AI-powered technology to perform, manage, and quantify all their work in one place. Legal teams rely on our all-in-one CLM and legal project management platform to manage key priorities and contracts, accelerate workflows across the business, and use data to visualize the impact of their work. Our solutions save companies hundreds of hours and millions of dollars by eliminating manual processes and driving better consistency of process, communication, and quality. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, LinkSquares is consistently recognized for being a leader in innovation, delivering results, and company growth.


Maryellen Sartori
fama PR for LinkSquares


Maryellen Sartori
fama PR for LinkSquares