Atropos Health Partners with Arcadia to Democratize Access to Real World Evidence for Value-Based Care Decision Making

Collaboration expands Atropos Evidence Network and adds Atropos evidence generation capability to Arcadia’s data platform

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PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Atropos Health, the pioneer in translating real-world clinical data into personalized real-world evidence and insights, today announced that Arcadia (, a leading data platform for healthcare, joined the Atropos Evidence™ Network. The partnership provides Arcadia’s provider customers with access to the Atropos Health portfolio of evidence generating applications to support whole person care and value-based performance. Arcadia customers that subscribe to Atropos Health can help accelerate appropriate clinical decision making to drive high-value, low-cost care for patients based on their unique physiology. In addition, Atropos Health’s Life Sciences users can conduct real-world evidence (RWE) studies leveraging Arcadia’s longitudinal research dataset as part of the Atropos Evidence Network.

“A critical component of value-based care is the optimization of clinical decision-making where existing published evidence falls short,” said Dr. Brigham Hyde, CEO and Co-Founder of Atropos Health. “This optimization is what Atropos Health delivers across our products, and we're proud to bring the high-quality data Arcadia is known for into the Atropos Evidence Network. This collaboration further enables healthcare providers to generate novel peer-reviewed evidence rapidly to make data-driven decisions on optimal clinical guidelines, care pathways, and the best interventions to succeed in value-based care and other quality initiatives.”

“Arcadia’s collaboration with Atropos Health empowers care organizations to provide high-quality, cost-effective care that helps improve patient outcomes through democratized access to clinical research evidence,” said Michael Meucci, President and CEO of Arcadia. “Integrating Atropos Health’s generative AI capability into Arcadia’s data platform is the latest example of how we’re equipping our customers with plug-and-play access to proprietary and third-party enablers that improve workflows and support value-based performance goals.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Atropos Health launching Geneva OS™(Generative Evidence Acceleration Operating System) and ChatRWD™ (Real World Data) application, the first Generative AI application incorporating direct Chat-to-Database capability, to help healthcare and life science leaders advance and accelerate evidence generation. In expanding Atropos Health’s life sciences leadership, the company also recently announced the formation of its Life Sciences Advisory Board consisting of executives from the world’s preeminent pharmaceutical companies including Moderna, Novartis, and more.

Customers rely on Atropos Health’s portfolio of evidence-generation tools through the federated installation of Geneva OS in their internal cloud data environment. In addition to the Green Button Informatics Consult Service, Geneva OS customers can access Alexandria™, a collection of tens of thousands of existing studies, including active clinical trial designs. The existing studies in Alexandria can be rerun on local data, generating novel content and evidence for customer use. Geneva OS also includes the CRAFT (Clinical Research Acceleration for Trials) Emulation Toolkit™ which allows users to improve trial recruitment and emulate a given trial design in real-world data. This allows not only for feasibility assessments, but also scalar subgroup analysis to identify subpopulations' potential performance in a given study design. CRAFT Emulation Toolkit turns a single study design into thousands of sub-analyses that can be used as inputs to AI-based trial simulations, to influence diversity in trial recruitment, or to identify subpopulations who may respond best to a given therapy. CRAFT Emulation Toolkit enables evidence generation with the same speed-to-insight users have come to expect from Atropos Health.

About Atropos Health

Atropos Health is the developer of Geneva OS, the operating system for rapid healthcare evidence across a vast network of real world data. Health systems and life science companies work with Atropos to close evidence gaps from bench to bedside, elevate clinical outcomes with data-driven care, expedite research, and more. Our solutions offerings are based on many peer-reviewed publications, thousands of active users over the past decade, and on-staff clinical expertise. We aim to transform healthcare with timely, relevant real-world evidence.

To learn more about Atropos Health, visit or connect through LinkedIn or follow on X @AtroposHealth.

About Arcadia

Arcadia is dedicated to happier, healthier days for all. We transform data into powerful insights that deliver results. Through our partnerships with the nation’s leading health systems, payers, and life science companies, we are growing a community of innovation to improve care, maximize value, and confront emerging challenges. For more information, visit


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Bruno Solari