CloudFabrix launches and demonstrates Data Fabric for Observability Platforms at Cisco Live 2023 Melbourne

CloudFabrix showcases the power and extensibility of the Cisco Observability Platform, with dynamic Data Ingestion and Automation for Hybrid Cloud Operational Data

CloudFabrix Data Fabric for Observability for Cisco's Observability Platform (Graphic: Business Wire)

PLEASANTON, Calif.--()--CloudFabrix, the inventor of Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF) today announced the launch of “Data Fabric for Observability” with dynamic Data Ingestion and Automation service (DIA) for the Cisco Observability Platform. CloudFabrix also demonstrated the use of this service for multiple application modules on the Cisco Observability Platform.

Cisco Observability Platform breaks operational silos to enable “experience as the new digital currency.” This innovative platform is architected around a unique entity based relationship model for observable entities. The Platform stores only relevant OpenTelemetry (OTel) data, once the entities are modeled at design time, with operational personas now able to build relationships and correlations quickly at runtime.

CloudFabrix’s Data Fabric for Observability further enhances the Cisco Observability Platform’s “mean time to insights (MTTI) and remediations” exponentially by automating the creation of these entity models based on the data discovery, contextualization and modernization both at design time and run time. This eliminates the need for manual creation of the entity model making it easier for customers to bring any data into the Cisco Observability Platform.

CloudFabrix’s Data Fabric for all your Observability Data!

CloudFabrix’s Data Fabric specifically solves these data challenges with its dynamic Data Ingestion and Automation (DIA) service.

  • DIA service integrates with disparate data sources,
  • Automates data normalization, contextualization (enrichment) and builds relationships and generates entity models at design time, using bot-based pipelines
  • Transforms non-OTel data into OTel (OpenTelemetry with enrichment) and ingests only relevant telemetry corresponding to the entity models in the Cisco Observability Platform.
  • Enables experimentation and visualization with the models with sample data and then ingests telemetry in run time with pipelines.

This service is now available from Cisco (partners) for customers with hybrid deployments and any kind of custom data sources and will enable rapid data ingestion in the Cisco Observability Platform for expedited business outcomes.

CloudFabrix demonstrated this service with the generation of two application modules - Asset Intelligence and Operational Intelligence which were operational in days as opposed to weeks.

With this service CloudFabrix now has multiple application modules powered by the Cisco Observability Platform. A Free trial is available here.

  • vSphere Observability - targeted towards VM and IT admins, with VMware NSX
  • Campus Analytics - targeted for Network Operators and CxO’s
  • SAP Observability - targeted towards SAP Basis and IT admins

“CloudFabrix’s Data Fabric for Observability complements Cisco Observability Platform particularly for hybrid workloads and non-OpenTelemetry (OTel) compliant data sources. The ability to collect data from disparate data sources, create entity-based relationships and convert into OTel format for ingestion validates and demonstrates the extensibility and flexibility of the Cisco Observability Platform," said Carlos Pereira, Fellow & Chief Architect, Cisco.

“We are very excited about how CloudFabrix’s Data Fabric for Observability complements and extends the Cisco Observability Platform around data convergence, intelligence and automation. With the dynamic Data Ingestion and Automation service, customers can now observe their hybrid applications and workloads and create a roadmap for OpenTelemetry adoption, using the Cisco Observability Platform,” said Raju Datla, CEO at CloudFabrix. “This service significantly accelerates and cuts down data ingestion and time to insights,” he further added.

This solution will be on display at Cisco Live Melbourne - Dec 5-8th 2023 in-booth presentations.


About CloudFabrix

CloudFabrix is the leading Data-centric AIOps Platform vendor and the inventor of Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF). RDAF delivers integrated, enriched, actionable data fabric and pipelines to operational and analytical systems. RDAF unifies Observability, AIOps, and Automation for Operational Systems and enriches analytical systems. CloudFabrix empowers Business and IT leaders with AI-powered actionable intelligence to make faster and better decisions and accelerate IT planning and Autonomous operations. For more information, visit


Shailesh Manjrekar, CMO, CloudFabrix

Release Summary

CloudFabrix launches and demonstrates Data Fabric for Observability Platforms at Cisco Live 2023 Melbourne


Shailesh Manjrekar, CMO, CloudFabrix