CommBox launches Era AI to enable customer service to be intelligently automated and CX costs to be cut by 40%

  • CommBox enables companies to solve an average of 57% of inquiries automatically, and organisations will now be able to deliver contextual, perceptive responses even faster.
  • CommBox can deliver a dramatic 40% reduction in customer service costs, as repetitive inquiries are automated and agent productivity is doubled.
  • CommBox customers see an average customer satisfaction rate of 92% across automated and live agent supported engagements.

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--Today CommBox, the pioneer in AI-powered customer communications, is launching its new generative AI solution. Designed for medium to large businesses across a range of industries including healthcare, banking, retail, telecommunications and insurance, Era AI is based on a winning combination of both proprietary technology developed by CommBox and commercial large language models. Era AI’s functionality scans enterprise knowledge sources and, in just seconds, provides customers with accurate, highly personalised information through the digital messaging channel of their choice.

Era AI delivers customer service automation, reduces costs for organisations, and dramatically increases the speed and accuracy of enquiry handling. It does this all while increasing customer satisfaction, with CommBox customers seeing a 92% customer satisfaction rate on average. Central to this is Era AI’s ability to analyse a brand’s entire resource base, such as support articles, help and knowledge centres, and website content. It then couples these datasets with a contextual decision path technology that is reflective of how conversations between humans take place.

Era AI also empowers anyone to build intelligent AI-powered chatbots with no coding expertise and its robust capabilities allow for advanced customisation to fit any and all business needs. For example, the platform’s advanced sentiment analysis enables it to reroute calls when necessary, and identify intent to provide end users with a conversational-like experience. The platform can also standardise the manner and tone of written responses in line with brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent customer experience. This is a huge driver of efficiency, leading to a 75% decrease in time taken to onboard agents for businesses.

Era AI also plays a key role in assisting customer service agents, using real-time information to offer personalised recommendations and solutions, enabling them to solve customer queries more effectively. This frees up agents to spend time on tasks that need a human touch, and businesses using CommBox typically see agent productivity double. Era AI delivers for brands that are seeking to reduce call workload and increase revenue by offering customers 24/7 digital channel availability and self-service options, contributing to an overall 40% reduction in customer service costs.

Yaniv Hakim, CEO and co-founder of CommBox, had this to say on the launch: “In the modern business landscape, expensive contact centre models and ineffective chatbots are relics of the past. I've seen firsthand how these outdated legacy systems leave customers frustrated and hinder business growth. That's why we've developed Era AI, a revolutionary solution that empowers brands to modernise their customer engagement strategies and unlock the untapped potential of artificial intelligence. Era AI is the key to delivering seamless, personalised, and delightful customer experiences that drive lasting customer loyalty.”

“2024 will be a transformative year for customer service, as businesses are finally able to easily integrate AI to drive huge savings across their customer operations,” adds Dvir Hoffman, Chief Product Officer at CommBox. “It may seem simple on paper, but going from solely reliant on humans to 80% automation and 20% human is a huge transformation the majority of brands are still trying to navigate.”

“With Era AI, our goal was to help enterprise brands - no matter how complex - to accelerate the move to AI-based automated services, and fundamentally shift how they communicate with their users. This means going beyond simply wrapping new AI models around an existing bot solution to make it a bit smarter, but still disconnected from other systems. It means building a platform connected to a variety of different business flows, ensuring an intuitive and consistent customer journey.”

CommBox offers brands AI on their own terms, with its innovative technology combining with years of industry experience to seamlessly bring brands into the era of automation and intelligent customer service. Deployed by more than 350 global brands such as IKEA, Clarks, AIG, and Suzuki, CommBox has a proven track record of helping leading traditional industries to transform from using legacy customer communications to autonomous, digital solutions.

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About CommBox

CommBox is revolutionizing how brands connect with customers by eliminating the outdated paradigm of live agent intervention for every customer engagement, replacing it with exceptional, automated CX.

With the first and only AI-driven autonomous customer communication platform, CommBox enables hundreds of the world's leading brands to deliver a complete, smart, and personalized experience, using their suite of digital channels, and to automate human-driven operations and the bulk of repetitive inquiries with powerful AI and deep automation. The result is greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased agent productivity, higher conversion rates, and a unique opportunity to grow the business like never before.

With a global presence and headquartered in Israel, CommBox was founded in 2013 and is proud to drive innovation serving over 50 million experiences every day, setting the new standard for customer communications in the new digital age. CommBox is backed by the American equity fund PSG.

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Clementine Croton