Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC) Lists $VSC Protocol Utility Token on ACE Exchange, Advancing Its Mission in the HealthFi Ecosystem

SINGAPORE--()--Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC), a pioneering HealthFi ecosystem that harnesses the potential of Web3 technology to promote positive lifestyle habits, proudly announces the listing of its protocol utility token, $VSC (Bep20), on the esteemed Taiwanese cryptocurrency exchange, ACE.

The inclusion of $VSC on ACE marks a significant milestone in Vyvo Smart Chain's journey to empower individual wearable technology users with agency over their personal health data. Vyvo Smart Chain's HealthFi ecosystem is designed to inspire and reward positive lifestyle habits through health data monetization, driving a positive change in the way individuals manage their well-being.

Fabio Galdi, CEO and Co-Founder at Vyvo Smart Chain, expressed, "Our mission is to reimagine the health data industry by granting individuals control over their personal health information. Listing $VSC on ACE is a testament to our commitment to empowering all of our users.”

Mariana Krym, Co-founder at Vyvo Smart Chain, added, "Vyvo Smart Chain's listing with ACE is a significant step toward offering $VSC to our Taiwanese community. We listen and engage with the needs of our community and are proud that ACE chose our project.”

Key Objectives of Vyvo Smart Chain:

  • Data Ownership: Vyvo Smart Chain champions transparency, enabling individuals to monetize their own data.
  • Data Privacy: The platform utilizes blockchain technology to ensure robust security and user anonymity.
  • Data Integrity: Vyvo Smart Chain facilitates access to credible health data for researchers.
  • Rewarded Contributions: Users are incentivized to contribute their data, fostering consent-driven data sharing and cultivating a diverse data ecosystem.

Vyvo Smart Chain is dedicated to establishing a secure blockchain infrastructure that bridges IoT wearable device users and data analysts, facilitating transparent data transactions between both parties.

About Vyvo Smart Chain:

Vyvo Smart Chain's VSC Network HealthFi ecosystem operates on a hybrid consensus and validation protocol, combining Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-Sensing (PoSe) to verify the authenticity of individual health data collected from real biosensors. To begin earning rewards from health data, individuals need to add a Data-NFT to an EVM-compatible wallet and link it to their wearable or IoT device. The proprietary VSC-PoSe chip verifies collected health data and immediately encrypts it, making only anonymized data accessible to research institutions and healthcare entities.

About ACE Exchange:

ACE Exchange is Taiwan's most professional cryptocurrency exchange, where individuals 18 years and older can purchase digital currencies using New Taiwan Dollars. With dual protection featuring a 100% trust guarantee from KGI Bank and CYBAVO wallet security, ACE prides itself on user-friendly transaction fees and UI/UX. The platform offers comprehensive 7+ cross-chain services and a diverse range of financial tools. This includes "Digital Currency Regular Savings Plans," and the popular "Grid Trading" among retail investors, which utilizes bots for automated low-buy-high-sell strategies without the need for constant market monitoring. ACE also brings DeFi to CeFi, crafting yield-generating products like "Dual Currency Wealth Management." Moreover, they cater to VIP clients and corporate accounts with perks such as zero transaction fees, 0.009% cashback, free withdrawals, and access to institutional-level reports and seminars, all upon reaching certain transaction volumes.