Wisconsin-Based WholeTrees Structures Hiring Two Leadership Positions for Maine Solid Structural Timber Fabrication Facility Expansion

The new roles are a result of rising demand for locally sourced mass timber from East Coast Owners and Architects

BANGOR, Maine--()--WholeTrees Structures is expanding its production capacity in Maine and is seeking to fill two key leadership positions for the ramp up of a new facility. WholeTrees is a Wisconsin-based company that prefabricates structural systems made of round and sawn heavy timber and innovates products and technology to open new markets for this naturally strong structural material. In recent years, WholeTrees has received investment in the form of several grants to explore the potential for expanded east coast markets for sustainably managed Maine timber. With the rise of the use and interest of mass timber across the AEC community, demand has increased enough for WholeTrees to begin the hiring process for key members of the Maine expansion team. The result will be investment back into the communities of Maine and the sustainably managed forest products industry.

The company currently seeks both a detail-oriented Operations and Project Manager and a Fabrication and Floor lead with broad experience in project management, creative production management, carpentry, and teamwork; and ideally with experience in crew-leadership, timber framing, and communications with clients and markets at large to join the WholeTrees fabrication team in Maine to lead Operations and Project Management at this new facility. The position will work closely with experienced WholeTrees foremen and inventory leadership in Maine and in Wisconsin.

Innovative owners and architects are drawn to the carbon sequestration potential, biophilic aesthetic appeal and overall durability of using structural round timber and sawn heavy timber in modern building design. Demand has increased exponentially from landscape architects, innovative educational institutions, and cutting edge architects for the unmilled timber in products such as columns, beams, trusses, and natural playground elements. The ramp up of the new facility is an exciting step in bringing the new green economy to Maine, providing multiple jobs (from Leadership to Fabrication Specialists) at previously shuttered manufacturing spaces and bringing economic prosperity to the community while supporting sustainable forestry practices. The current strategy anticipates fabrication at this facility will begin in early 2024. These leadership positions are key to making this goal a reality.

WholeTrees' increased engagement in Maine has been precipitated by partnerships with Seven Islands Land Company, the Town of Ashland, the University of Maine, the Northern Forest Center, the Maine Technology Institute and others.

If you or someone you know is interested in either of these positions, please visit our careers page on the website and submit your resume.

About WholeTrees Structures: WholeTrees uses the inherent strength of Structural Round Timber (SRT) and millions of years of organic structural engineering to provide beautiful, affordable, sustainable, and durable biophilic structural systems that restore forests. Founded in 2007 on an off-grid forest farm in Southwest Wisconsin, the founding team brought CAD and BIM to the organic shapes of SRT, fabricated ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind structural systems across the country and launched sustainable forestry partnerships to become the National leader and unrivaled expert in engineering unmilled timber for commercial construction.

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WholeTrees Structures is expanding its production capacity in Maine and is filling two key leadership positions for the ramp up of a new facility.

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