Black Friday Embraces Cleanliness with Tineco

Tineco Black Friday (Photo: Business Wire)

MILAN--()--This is the ideal time of the year to start shopping for Christmas or to indulge in some extra purchases, all while saving money - it's Black Friday. Tineco, on the occasion of this day dedicated to unmissable offers, has thought of a portfolio of discounts for all users. From 17 to 27 November, the company offers significantly reduced prices for its floor washers and vacuum cleaners: FLOOR ONE S5, FLOOR ONE S7 Pro, FLOOR ONE S3, PURE ONE STATION PET, and PURE ONE X PET for an even deeper cleaning in every home.

Tineco has achieved excellent results from 2020 until now, having surpassed the threshold of 12 million units sold worldwide, with its floor washer lines ranked first in Amazon sales for several consecutive years. This is a great satisfaction for Tineco, as it represents its commitment to establish itself as a leading brand in this sector.

Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 is particularly effective for quick but flawless cleaning, as vacuuming and cleaning occur in a single step with a single device. The intelligent iLoop™ sensor technology facilitates cleaning by detecting both wet and dry dirt and keeping the entire process under control. In fact, the iLoop™ ring on the colored LED display switches from red to blue when the floor is clean.
The exclusive brush design allows for optimized, streak-free cleaning of baseboards, corners, and many other hard-to-reach areas. With large 0.8-liter clean water and 0.7-liter dirty water tanks, it is possible to clean multiple living areas simultaneously without interruptions.

Original Price: 519 euro
Black Friday Offer: 339 euro (35% off)

The latest model in the FLOOR ONE range, the S7 PRO offers a highly efficient cleaning process for hard floors, vacuuming and washing simultaneously in a single step, effectively removing both dry and wet dirt. Tineco's MHCBS™ (Balanced-Pressure Water Flow System) ensures even greater cleaning: an integrated scraper removes most of the dirt on the roller before the next cleaning cycle begins. In combination with the use of clean water, effective dirty water recycling, and a roller rotation speed of 450 revolutions per minute, the brush drying time is reduced, and dirty water residues are minimized, preventing the spread of bacteria. This centrifuge drying process is also used during the S7 PRO's self-cleaning to prevent the formation and spread of mold and bacteria in the device itself.

Original Price: 799 euro
Black Friday Offer: 639 euro (20% off)

FLOOR ONE S3 is the high-quality solution for tiles, laminate, marble, and hardwood. Like its successor, the FLOOR ONE S5, the S3 also features the intelligent iLoop™ sensor technology, which detects dirt and automatically adjusts the suction power and water flow for optimal cleaning. The integrated lithium-ion battery fully recharges in about two hours, with a runtime of up to 35 minutes. The device offers an automatic self-cleaning function, and users can access additional suction functions and view the device status using the app with voice support. The associated support area also provides assistance for troubleshooting.

Original Price: 409 euro
Black Friday Offer: 269 euro (34% off)

PURE ONE Station Pet
The cordless vacuum with a 4-in-1 multifunctional OmniHub offers numerous functions for a clean home. After each cleaning process, PURE ONE Station Pet is simply placed back in the OmniHub, where the device is fully cleaned, with real-time detection (from the brush to the flexible hose, from the dust container to the filters), the battery is recharged, and the device is stored for the next use. This new model features a 5-stage HEPA filtration system that filters 99.99% of dust particles, for a fresher, healthier home. The 3-liter dustbin allows for a 60-day autonomy, eliminating the need for daily cleaning and emptying. The ZeroTangle brush effectively captures pet hair without tangling or clogging, which is ideal for pet owners. With the iLoop™ Smart Sensor, the device offers precise suction power that automatically adapts to the detected dirt, improving cleaning efficiency.

Original Price: 799 euro
Black Friday Offer: 679 euro (15% off)

The PURE ONE X Pet is equipped with ZeroTangle technology, ensuring pet hair has no chance of remaining on the floor. This patented technology features a double comb design combined with angled bristles that actively separate and remove hair from the brush roller with each rotation, preventing tangles. Laboratory tests have shown that ZeroTangle reduces hair tangles by 99%.
The PURE ONE X Pet offers a battery life of up to 45 minutes and features iLoop™ Smart Sensor technology, which automatically adjusts suction power based on the level of dirt. It can also be easily converted into a handheld vacuum and can even remove the most stubborn hair tangles from the sofa.

Original Price: 299 euro
Black Friday Offer: 179 euro (40% off)

Founded in 1998, Tineco has driven innovation in the smart appliance category by specializing in creating intelligent technology to make everyday home products easier to use. Today, Tineco has quickly shifted to be a leader in the smart gadgets category with its intelligent cleaning solutions – PURE ONE vacuums, FLOOR ONE floor washers and CARPET ONE carpet cleaners – and all-new kitchen appliance – TOASTY ONE.


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