Bitwarden Introduces Enterprise Self-Hosting for Secrets Manager

Self-hosted Bitwarden Secrets Manager environments enhance secrets control and security for developers and DevOps teams.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--()--Bitwarden, the credential management leader, today enhanced the Bitwarden Secrets Manager product by adding self-hosting for new and existing enterprise customers. This update brings secrets management cloud features into a self-hosted installation, enabling enterprises to have more control over their secrets throughout the development lifecycle.

Addressing Enterprise Security Demands

Self-hosting empowers enterprises to address detailed security requirements by deploying Bitwarden Secrets Manager within their infrastructure and adhering to security policies. The update also enables developers and DevOps teams, who are subject to these policies, to deploy a secure secrets management environment that is trusted with an open source architecture and zero knowledge end-to-end encryption.

“Early on, we didn’t have a strategy for how we would like to handle secrets management. We found we were just doing what was most convenient, not the most secure,” said Henrik Refslund, Chief Technical Officer, AccuRanker. “We’ve been using Bitwarden Password Manager for a long time and we discovered the company also offered a secrets management solution. Bitwarden was our best choice, and we’re now implementing a proper secrets management strategy across the organization, securing our future as we continue to grow.”

Flexible Deployment Options

Bitwarden provides robust implementation options for self-hosting Secrets Manager. It can be deployed using Docker across operating systems or a DigitalOcean droplet, a cloud-based solution. Self-hosting Bitwarden Secrets Manager provides enterprises with a deployment aligning to specific control and infrastructure needs. Having both cloud and self-hosting options ensures enterprises can choose the deployment method that best suits their operational and security needs.

Availability and Feature Set

Self-hosting Bitwarden Secrets Manager is available to new and existing customers on enterprise plans. Users can securely store, share, and deploy secrets including database passwords, API keys, and authentication certificates at scale.

Key offerings of Bitwarden Secrets Manager include:

  • Unlimited secret storage across all free and paid plans
  • Unlimited projects for paid plans across any number of users
  • Comprehensive developer focused documentation
  • Growing list of out-of-the-box integrations and SDKs
  • Granular access management permissions and audit logs
  • Easy provisioning of employees with SSO, SCIM, and directory integrations
  • Predictable pricing

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About Bitwarden

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Mike Stolyar
Director of Communications, Bitwarden


Mike Stolyar
Director of Communications, Bitwarden