Blue Ridge and Pepper Announce Exciting Partnership: Revolutionizing Ecommerce for Distributors

ATLANTA--()--Blue Ridge, a leading provider of supply chain planning solutions, and Pepper, an innovative Ecommerce platform designed to streamline the ordering process for distributors and their clients, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. This partnership promises to bring unprecedented convenience, efficiency, and insights to the world of food distribution.

Pepper's mission centers on empowering food distributors to offer their customers the premier digital experience. By providing a comprehensive online ordering catalog and payments platform, Pepper enables these distributors to achieve significant business outcomes, including a 23% increase in sales growth, 93% buyer retention, a 25% boost in sales representative productivity, and a substantial reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) cycle time. As experts in ERP integration, Pepper supports a wide range of food verticals, such as convenience stores, broadline, seafood, produce, among others. Their dedication is firmly rooted in enhancing the ordering process and nurturing the relationship between food distributors and their clientele.

Blue Ridge, with its expertise in supply chain planning solutions, is recognized as a trusted partner for distributors across multiple industries. Blue Ridge solutions empower distributors to optimize cash flows and enhance their margins with the industry’s leading Demand Forecasting, Replenishment, Integrated Business Planning, and Supply Planning product offering. The Blue Ridge and Pepper partnership will provide a comprehensive solution that not only optimizes the ordering process but also provides distributors with valuable insights into their markets.

The Blue Ridge and Pepper partnership will empower players in the foodservice distributor industry to expand their Ecommerce capabilities, identify growth opportunities, and stay ahead of industry trends. This partnership leverages the strengths of both companies to create a unique value proposition for the food distribution industry.

Additionally, both Blue Ridge and Pepper are proud members of the UniPro and IFDA associations, creating common ground and shared objectives that further solidify their collaboration.

"Blue Ridge is dedicated to helping distributors optimize their operations and deliver superior service to their customers," said Ken Carpenter, Chief Product Officer at Blue Ridge. "Our partnership with Pepper aligns perfectly with our mission, as we work together to make the linkage between commerce and inventory management in the food distribution industry more efficient and customer centric."

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About Blue Ridge:

Blue Ridge is a leading provider of supply chain planning solutions, offering a comprehensive and easy-to-use software suite. With a data-driven and AI-powered approach, Blue Ridge helps businesses optimize their demand planning, replenishment, and inventory management processes. The company's focus on customer success, combined with industry-leading support, positions Blue Ridge as a trusted partner for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers worldwide. For more information, visit


Becky Fox, Product Marketing Manager


Becky Fox, Product Marketing Manager