Juniper Research Releases its Top 10 Fintech & Payments Trends for 2024, Amidst Unprecedented Technological Shifts

HAMPSHIRE, England--()--Juniper Research unveiled today the 10 trends that are set to radically impact the fintech and payments landscape in 2024, included within its latest whitepaper.

The whitepaper found that the fintech market is undergoing a rapid shift, with the rise of new technologies, such as Open Finance, generative AI and A2A (Account-to-Account) payments having a major impact on business models. This is combined with unprecedented competition to be ‘top of wallet’ for customers, making the market more competitive and uncertain than ever.

Top 10 Fintech & Payments Trends 2024

The trends are as follows:

1. A2A Payments to Challenge Cards in eCommerce and for Funding Wallets

2. CBDC Use Cases to Emerge in Practice

3. Generative AI in Banking to Transform Spending Insights

4. Digital Identity Adoption to Be Catalysed by Digital Wallet Integration

5. AML Tools to Better Leverage AI as Alternative Payments Complicate Compliance

6. Sustainable Fintech Solutions to Emerge, as ESG Compliance Tops Agenda

7. FedNow to Fail to Match Instant Payments Success, but VAS to Flourish

8. Mobile Financial Services to Accelerate Transition to Banking Tech Services

9. Biometric In-store Payments to Surge, as Checkout Innovation Rises

10. B2B BNPL to Provide Critical Financing for SMEs

Juniper Research's VP of Fintech Market Research, Nick Maynard, commented: “The fintech and payments market is undergoing fundamental changes, with new payment methods and different business models threatening to completely uproot existing operations. Stakeholders must fundamentally reassess the viability of their offerings, and build ambitious roadmaps for future developments, or they will be left behind by more agile competitors.”

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Behind the Top Trends

These trends were compiled by Juniper Research’s expert team of financial markets analysts; cross-referencing their detailed industry knowledge against the online data platform harvest, comprising over 2.1 million fintech market statistics. Through this, industry stakeholders can navigate the ever-evolving fintech landscape and unlock advantage through intelligence.

Juniper Research has, for two decades, provided market intelligence and advisory services to the global payments sector, retained by many of the world’s leading fintech and payments providers.


Sam Smith, Press Relations
T: +44(0)1256 830002

Release Summary

Juniper Research unveiled today the 10 trends that are set to radically impact the fintech and payments landscape in 2024.

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Sam Smith, Press Relations
T: +44(0)1256 830002