Atomic Rules Ships Arkville® 23.11, the Trusted and Performant Solution for FPGA PCIe DMA

AUBURN, N.H.--()--Atomic Rules LLC, a supplier of enterprise-grade FPGA IP cores and solutions, today shipped Arkville® 23.11, the 25th production release of the trusted and performant FPGA DMA engine. With improved support for PCIe Gen5x16, Arkville 23.11 provides market-leading, high-throughput 60 G Byte/second (480 Gbps), low-latency DMA in each direction between host memory and FPGA fabric logic, offloading CPU core usage and eliminating memory copies.

High Throughput, Low Latency, No Hassle

With Arkville, a multi-queue DMA conduit is provided that seamlessly transports data between FPGA logic and host memory. Software engineers see industry-standard APIs for producing and consuming data in zero-copy user space buffers. Hardware engineers see industry-standard RTL interfaces which produce and consume data. Arkville 23.11 ships with three RTL variants: FX0, FX1, and FX2 providing 32, 64, and 128 Byte wide AXI streaming datapaths at 500 MHz in each direction.

Choose your Host API

Arkville supports data movement for a wide variety of applications. For packet-based applications, Arkville supports DPDK, with a poll mode driver open-sourced and downloadable directly from For bulk data, such as digital IF between FPGA and the host user-space memory, packet sizes up to 32KB are supported. For use with 5G O-RAN offload, Arkville has a DPDK Baseband Device BBDEV PMD available.

Easy to Evaluate

Arkville 23.11 supports the latest FPGA tool versions from AMD and Intel, as well as the latest DPDK release from The Linux Foundation. Atomic Rules provides turnkey, load-and-go, example designs for dev kits and COTS boards so that users may quickly evaluate Arkville on their premises.

“BittWare is excited to have Atomic Rules continue their top-shelf IP support for our market-leading FPGA accelerator cards,” said Craig Petrie, Vice President at BittWare. “From the Arkville launch years ago on our PCIe Gen3 XUP-P3R to today’s PCIe Gen5 IA-440i, Atomic Rules continues to provide best-in-class, full-stack DMA to our mutual customers.”

Licensing and Availability

Arkville 23.11 is available immediately with support for FPGA devices from AMD and Intel. Arkville is sold as a pay-once, no-royalty license for individual or multiple projects.

About Atomic Rules

Atomic Rules LLC is a supplier of enterprise-grade IP and solutions from the datacenter to the edge. Visit

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Etienne Fiset, Technical Marketing
+1 844-452-6232 Ext.705

Release Summary

Atomic Rules ships Arkville 23.11, the trusted and performant DMA engine for FPGA. Arkville now provides 60+60 GB/s throughput with PCIe Gen5x16.


Etienne Fiset, Technical Marketing
+1 844-452-6232 Ext.705