Nextgen i.i. Announces Its Registration as an International Insurer in Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico--()--NextGen International Insurance (NextGen i.i.), a prominent provider of insurance solutions, proudly declares that earlier this year it obtained its official registration as an International Insurer in Puerto Rico. This significant milestone marks NextGen i.i.'s commitment to providing exceptional insurance services, primarily focusing on healthcare in Latin America and The Caribbean.

Puerto Rico's Regulatory Landscape

Operating under the US flag, Puerto Rico boasts a robust regulatory framework designed to protect and foster free market competition, particularly within the insurance and banking sectors. This framework includes using US currency, ensuring sound credit and investment practices, and permitting the free flow of funds abroad. Legal protections are firmly established under US Federal and Puerto Rico's constitutions, with recourse available through federal or State courts. The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) of Puerto Rico is renowned for its regulatory expertise; with a history of oversight, the OCI currently regulates 50 domestic insurers and 345 foreign insurers, collectively representing a premium volume exceeding $17.1 billion. The OCI is an accredited member of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ("NAIC") of the United States.

Founding and Leadership

The company's market entry is not merely a debut but a continuation of a legacy of excellence. With a history deeply rooted in the healthcare sector, NextGen i.i. brings forward a seasoned team of industry veterans, each contributing to the company's wealth of experience.

NextGen i.i. proudly introduces its seasoned Executive Panel, comprising professionals with over 100 years of combined dedication and experience in the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) Industry, specializing in Latin America and the Caribbean. This accomplished team has a track record of managing international health policies, providing seamless access to medical facilities within members' countries of residence and worldwide, including the USA.

Ricardo Gonzalez Padilla, a visionary leader with a track record of excellence, assumes the CEO role. His expertise and leadership promise innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the international insurance sector.

Horacio Sanchez-Granel, a seasoned insurance professional, joins NextGen i.i. as President, bringing a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the company's leadership team.

Paul Staines, a financial expert with a stellar reputation, takes on the crucial role of Group CFO, further solidifying NextGen i.i.'s financial stability and strategic growth.

Dr. Jorge Otero MD, MSc, RDMS, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Public Health at Yale University and Emergency Medicine leader in the USA and Latin America, joins the team as the Chief Medical Officer to drive the company's goal of offering the best healthcare available worldwide. Dr. Otero brings a wealth of knowledge supported by his proven expertise in cost and quality improvement and his experience in Population Health Management.

Delivering Promises

NextGen i.i. envisions a world where borders do not define the quality of healthcare individuals receive. The company empowers individuals to seek medical care without boundaries, granting them access to a spectrum of healthcare services that transcend geographical limits.

At the core of NextGen i.i.'s identity lies a clear mission that illuminates every path the company treads: to provide nothing short of comprehensive coverage. NextGen i.i. is on a relentless quest to ensure that individuals, regardless of their location on the global stage, receive nothing less than the absolute best in medical care. Whether clients find themselves in the comfort of their home country or exploring distant horizons, NextGen i.i.'s unwavering commitment remains to safeguard their health by allowing seamless access to the best medical facilities in the world and ensuring that their well-being knows no bounds.

NextGen i.i.’s expertise spans diverse domains, from exceeding customer service satisfaction to ensuring unwavering financial discipline. These attributes are instrumental in aligning companies' long-term goals with client needs. NextGen i.i.'s innovative products are meticulously designed to offer peace of mind and convenience to customers who live, work, or travel abroad. Whether individuals seek individual, family, or group plans, they can choose from various options tailored to suit their budget and lifestyle. The company plans to launch its newly created suite of international health insurance products and services during the last quarter of 2023.

About NextGen International Insurance

NextGen International Insurance (NextGen i.i.) is a trusted provider of insurance solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products and services designed to protect individuals, families, and businesses. With a focus on customer satisfaction, NextGen i.i. strives to deliver exceptional service and value to its policyholders. For more information, individuals are invited to visit their website at