PROXDIS: Advancing Healthcare Collaboration with a Patient-Centric Vision

BOCA RATON, Fla.--()--MyRep, LLC, a pioneering healthcare technology company, is proud to announce its transformation into PROXDIS, Inc. This strategic rebranding marks a significant step forward in the evolution of clinical collaboration, emphasizing the company's unwavering commitment to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and a patient-centric vision.

In the words of Eric Plumb, Founder & CEO of PROXDIS: "We are excited to introduce PROXDIS to the world and embrace the opportunity to redefine the landscape of healthcare collaboration. Our mission is precise: to empower and modernize healthcare collaboration while keeping an unwavering focus on the patient. At PROXDIS, clinical collaboration is not just an objective; it's an accessible, secure, and patient-centric reality."

A New Era in Healthcare Collaboration

PROXDIS is gearing up for a nationwide release of their latest product, Unite, in January 2024. Unite is set to revolutionize healthcare collaborations by fostering better communication and cooperation between physicians and the medical device industry. This cutting-edge clinical collaboration platform, tailored for the life sciences sector, aims to streamline interactions among healthcare professionals (HCPs) and the medical device industry.

According to Dr. Erin Murphy, Medical Director of Sanger's Venous and Lymphatic Program at Atrium Health: "UNITE is a game-changer. It ensures seamless communication with the medical device industry, eliminating the guesswork in contacting local representatives for clinical support.”

Dedicated to Patient Care and Innovation

PROXDIS is deeply committed to patient care, offering efficient and secure interactions. Rooted in the founders' extensive healthcare industry experience, PROXDIS comprehends the unique challenges of clinical settings, delivering tailored and effective solutions. The company's evolution from MyRep, LLC to PROXDIS, Inc. underscores its unwavering dedication to growth and innovation. UNITE by PROXDIS redefines healthcare collaboration, empowering professionals and serving as a dependable clinical partner.

About PROXDIS, Inc:

PROXDIS, a premier healthcare technology organization and the visionary developer of Unite, an advanced clinical collaboration platform, is the all-in-one solution that connects healthcare professionals, ensures data security, and delivers steadfast support. Our platform connects life science firms with clinical teams, ensuring data security and providing dedicated support, making PROXDIS your trusted healthcare technology partner.

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