Rosalyn Launches StableSight, an Exam Proctoring AI That Counters Generative AI Use and Cheating Rings

To demonstrate the advantages of its AI proctor, Rosalyn is providing an invite-only, gamified portal where people can test their cheating detection skills against StableSight

DUBLIN, Ohio--()--Rosalyn, provider of AI proctoring technology for online exams, today launched StableSight, its most advanced system yet. StableSight is engineered to catch sneaky forms of academic dishonesty including cheating-as-a-service rings and generative AI—even when that AI is run on a separate device from the test-taker’s. To demonstrate its efficacy, Rosalyn has created a portal with 20 recorded exam sessions where people can test their proctoring skills against StableSight.

Founded in 2017, Rosalyn aims to democratize education with a proctoring AI that works anywhere, regardless of internet speeds and bandwidth. To date, Rosalyn has proctored over 500,000 exams for institutions including the U.S. Department of Defense, online education platform Coursera, tech company Stripe, online institutions like Nexford University and traditional centers of academia like Dominican University and Missouri Baptist University. Rosalyn costs 80 percent less than human proctoring and integrates with popular learning platforms including Canvas, Moodle, D2L, Synap and Certiverse.

Remote proctoring has become crucial as demand grows for professional certifications in fields such as project management, data science, DevOps, IT service and cybersecurity. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2021, full-time workers with a certification or license earned a median weekly wage of $1,229, while uncredentialed Americans earned $931 per week.

That life-changing 32% wage increase gives testers an incentive to cheat in ever more inventive ways. Back in 2011, 12 percent of IT professionals told Network World they had “directly” witnessed someone cheating on a certification exam. The rate has likely risen with online testing. In a 2022 academic study, 35% of undergraduate business students admitted to having cheated while taking a test online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, in a study Rosalyn conducted with a language testing partner, StableSight detected that 120 out of the 1,500 test takers were part of a cheating ring.

“Online education brings tremendous value to the world and has the power to transform lives,” said Noor Akbari, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rosalyn. “However, cheating rings and generative AI threaten the credibility of degrees and certifications earned online. We built StableSight to get ahead of these challenges and honor the hardworking students who pursue their education with integrity.”

Several capabilities unique to StableSight address the most sophisticated forms of cheating. Its gaze-tracking model can determine when someone is using a second screen—a common way to cheat with ChatGPT. In addition to its advanced anti-cheating measures, StableSight’s Keyboard Correlation Model enhances security by predicting text being typed based on keyboard sound analysis, thwarting attempts to use concealed devices for dishonest purposes. Unlike its peers, though, Rosalyn escalates suspected cheating to human reviewers before flagging anyone for cheating. That human-in-the-loop approach protects test takers against biases and flaws in the AI.

“Online testing is here to stay. The question is how we protect the rights of students while preserving the value and meaning of credentials,” said Martin Jakobsson, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Rosalyn. “We developed StableSight to be comfortable, fair and dignifying for students. No one should be excluded from an education simply because they test online.”

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About Rosalyn

Rosalyn is on a mission to democratize education with AI proctoring technologies that preserve the integrity of online exams and the value of degrees and certifications. Founded by Noor Akbari and Martin Jakobsson in 2017, Rosalyn has proctored over 500,000 exams and pioneered a human-in-the-loop approach that protects students from the biases and flaws of AI. Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio and backed by FYRFLY Venture Partners, Rosalyn aims to serve educators and test takers worldwide, no matter how fast or slow their internet connection is. To learn more, visit


Daria Cutler


Daria Cutler