Warrior Trading Founder Ross Cameron Set to Release New E-Book That Debunks Day-Trading Myths

How to Day Trade: The Plain Truth (Photo: Business Wire)

GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass.--()--Ross Cameron, founder of Warrior Trading and acclaimed for his reasoned approach to day-trading, has announced the release of his new e-book, How To Day Trade: The Plain Truth ($9.95). Cameron is dedicating the book to those who have “dreamed of becoming a day trader.” He dispels myths while providing specific steps people can follow to begin their trading journey. The e-book will be available for purchase starting on November 16.

Cameron is quick to note his book differs from others in that he’s not pitching day-trading as the key to instant wealth. He’s also not claiming to have “cracked the code” to make day-trading an easy way to make significant returns in the stock market.

“Quite the opposite: I’ll describe how very hard it is to become a good day trader,” Cameron writes in the book’s first chapter, “The Myth and the Reality.” “You’ll see from my audited brokerage statements how I’ve become reasonably good at it, but also how I’m far from perfect. You’ll discover that I have developed one approach to trading, and I make no claims of superiority over other strategies.”

Rather than attracting those in search of a get-rich-quick scheme, Cameron wants to reach those who have stayed away from day-trading because of its sensationalized reputation. His intention is to blow up the fictions around day-trading, paint a realistic picture of what it’s like, and provide readers with a practical guide they can use.

Topics covered in the book include background on how Cameron became a trader, debunking false beliefs such as “day-trading is gambling,” details on the gear people need to successfully trade, a guide to stock market basics, insight into methods of finding the right stocks, and tips on managing risk and fear.

This is the second book by Cameron. His first, How To Day Trade: A Detailed Guide to Day Trading Strategies, Risk Management, and Trader Psychology, became a bestseller in its niche. Cameron is perhaps best known for turning an account that started with $583 into millions of dollars. It’s important to note that Ross Cameron’s experience with trading isn’t typical. Becoming an experienced trader takes hard work, dedication, and a significant amount of time. Individual results may differ materially due to a number of factors.

Cameron wrote the new book with the idea that it’s like a conversation between two friends. He’s the one with day-trading experience. The reader is the one interested in learning more. That reader may or may not be cut out for day-trading, but they can find out by hearing from someone with experience.

“Providing solid, experience-based information is what this book is about,” Cameron writes near the book’s beginning. “You say you have a bunch of questions for me and you want those straight answers? Let’s get into it.”

About Ross Cameron

Bestselling author Ross Cameron has followed an unconventional path to success. Driven by a desire to earn a living on his own terms, Cameron learned to day-trade after college. His intention wasn’t to become rich. He only wanted to bring home a steady income, and long-term trading didn’t provide the immediate gains he required. He established the Warrior Trading website to chart his journey and provide a community for day traders. While he still trades, Cameron is also dedicated to teaching others about day-trading through his books and programs offered through Warrior Trading.


Warrior Trading is the ultimate home for momentum day traders. Offering an array of resources, including courses, scanners, charts, breaking news, chat rooms, and a simulator, the Warrior Trading platform aims to equip anyone interested in day-trading with the tools they need to get started. Ross Cameron founded Warrior Trading in 2012 to impart lessons learned throughout his journey of taking a trading account with just $583.15 into over $10 million in fully verified and audited profits. As an enthusiastic educator, Ross's journey is documented on the Warrior Trading YouTube channel, where he has more than 1 million subscribers. To learn more about Warrior Trading, visit warriortrading.com.


Crystal Eastman


Crystal Eastman