Gabb Launches Custom Kid-Safe Messaging™ App on Its New Flexible Phone for Teens.

The leader in safe phones for kids has developed its own messaging and centralized parent monitoring app.

Gabb Messenger provides kids and teens with a premium safe messaging experience. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LEHI, Utah--()--Gabb®, a leading kid-safe technology company, announced this week it has launched Gabb Messenger™ on Gabb Phone 3 Pro, its newest safe phone for teens. Earlier this year, the app replaced the regular text messaging on the Gabb Phone. Gabb Messenger for Parents™, the parental control app that pairs with Gabb Messenger, is available on Apple devices and is coming soon to Android devices. The new apps provide kids and teens with a premium safe messaging experience.

“Connection is a critical part of growing up,” shared Nate Randle, CEO of Gabb, “but it’s become clear that giving kids unlimited digital connection before they’re ready is dangerous. We know technology will play a big role in their lives, but tacking on safety features to tech made for adults doesn’t protect kids in the way they need or deserve.”

Unlike other messaging apps, which add safety settings as an afterthought, Gabb designed the Gabb Messenger app from the ground up with kids and teens as the top priority. Parents or guardians won’t have to constantly monitor a child’s communications or configure complicated safety settings that only alert them of problems after damage has been done.

Gabb uses smart filtration to automatically remove nude images from messages with existing contacts while blocking explicit language, nudity, and links from unknown contacts. This approach keeps risky content from reaching kids in the first place, because Prevention Beats Damage Control.™

Gabb Messenger for Parents brings an additional layer of protection in the form of flagged content. Messages that pass through smart filtration are analyzed further, and any potentially questionable content is flagged for parent review. Flagged messages give parents the ability to assess the situation and help identify and prevent harmful behavior. Beyond making parents aware of problematic messages, Gabb Messenger provides parents with timely notifications and encourages important conversations with their child. Many parents have even grown closer to their child as a result of the interaction Gabb Messenger encourages between them.

“Parents want their kids to grow up at the right pace, and communicating digitally is now a part of that,” explained Gabb VP of Engineering, Jonatan Littke. “All the other messaging apps are either not safe or require parents to do too much hand-holding, which prevents kids from developing the autonomy they need to learn how to connect with others.”

Through Gabb Messenger for Parents, caregivers are alerted and can view flagged messages sent from or received on their child’s device. All communication remains on the child’s device unless the parent enables deletion. Flagged messages provide parents the opportunity to intervene early in cases of bad online behavior, grooming or bullying before it starts. Gabb Messenger for Parents also gives caregivers the option to manage their child’s contacts, so kids are only allowed to send and receive messages with contacts the parent approves. For more information, see the Gabb Messenger product page.

About Gabb

Gabb is safe tech for kids. Founded in 2018, Gabb is a rapidly growing software and cellular network company that is focused on keeping families Safely Connected™ by providing safe phones, watches, and software for kids and teens. Gabb believes introducing young minds to too much technology, too early can have long-term negative effects on their development and mental health. Gabb’s flexible technology meets kids and teens where they are, allowing them to focus on their personal growth without the added risks associated with social media and other harmful apps. Discover more at


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