733Park Advises Improving Payments in the Acquisition of Merchantology Agent Merchant Portfolio

BOSTON--()--733Park, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent acquisition by their client, Improving Payments, of a Merchantology agent portfolio.

Improving Payments is a payments company focused on reducing the pain and red tape merchants encounter from banks, credit card processors, and other intermediaries when they accept credit cards. Providing individualized assistance and solutions to merchants across the USA, the recent acquisition of the agent portfolio of Merchantology will be a solid addition to Improving Payments’ revenue stream. “This strategic acquisition of a Merchantology agent portfolio aligns with our mission to empower merchants by simplifying their payment processes. We appreciate the expertise and dedication of the 733Park team in facilitating this transformative deal, and we look forward to advancing our commitment to providing merchants across the USA with a seamless and efficient payment experience,” said Ron Sodoma, president of Improving Payments.

Lane Gordon, founder of 733Park, recalls his experience working on this successful deal, saying, “We would like to congratulate Improving Payments on their acquisition of the agent portfolio of Merchantology; it was a pleasure working with both businesses.”

About Improving Payments

Improving Payments is a client-centered business that aims to eliminate unnecessary fees, hurdles, and wait times associated with credit transaction companies. Guided by founder Ron Sodoma’s vision of being a business that “want[s] to help educate people on the industry” and the desire to “let [people] know there are businesses who want to help,” Improving Payments aims to tailor a streamlined payments processing experience to merchants everywhere.

About 733Park

Headquartered in Boston, 733Park is the premiere market maker for buying or selling ISOs, merchant portfolios, ISVs, or SaaS. 733Park, under the direction of Lane Gordon, a 20-year M&A veteran, represents payments and software companies looking for successful exits and buyers looking to execute specific acquisition or roll-up strategies. 733Park is a boutique mergers and acquisition advisory firm specializing in payments, fintech, SaaS, and ISVs.