Daffy Launches Daffy Campaigns to Unlock More Giving

Modern donor-advised fund platform rolls out a new way to fundraise for charities together

LOS ALTOS, Calif.--()--Daffy.org, the modern platform for charitable giving, today announces the launch of Daffy Campaigns, an innovative giving solution that helps anyone raise money for the charities and causes they care about. Whether you’re fundraising for a global charity or a school booster program, Daffy Campaigns supports fundraising for nearly any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

With over 1.5 million charities on their platform, Daffy is incorporating some of the best fundraising and social-sharing tactics from the non-profit sector into their innovative Campaigns feature, including the ability to match donations, share donation impact, support for multiple charities, and even AI assistance for campaign creation. Unlike most commercial fundraising applications, Daffy does not take a percentage of the proceeds raised for charity.

Daffy Campaigns also bring together the unique power of a donor-advised fund (DAF) with the proven effectiveness of collective online campaigns to enhance overall giving.

“The idea for a donor-advised fund platform with community fundraising capabilities draws on insights from the success of personal finance and social applications over the last two decades,” said Adam Nash, Co-founder and CEO of Daffy. “We believe that by providing people with both the ability to set money aside to give and the tools to inspire one another through campaigns, we’ll unlock more money for charitable giving.”

Daffy Campaigns feature a number of unique capabilities, borrowed from the fundraising insights of some of the most successful charitable organizations in the world:

  1. Matching - One of the most effective fundraising techniques to encourage giving is having one person’s generosity help magnify the giving of others. With Daffy’s modern donor-advised platform, anyone can fund their account and offer matching donations to their campaign up to a specified amount.
  2. Impact Units - Most people aren’t motivated to give solely by dollars — they care deeply about the impact those dollars can have on the people or cause they are looking to support. Daffy Campaigns allow campaign organizers to specify “impact units” to help crystalize the impact that donors to the campaign will have. It is so much more inspiring to see that your $20 donation could provide help plant 20 trees, 10 meals, or provide 4 warm blankets.
  3. Multi-charity Support - Many causes are supported by more than one organization, so why do existing fundraising platforms force you to pick a single charity? With Daffy Campaigns, you can support up to six organizations, inspiring your friends and family to give, and giving them the choice of which organization to support. Especially in times of crisis, you can now build campaigns to support the entire community, and not just limit their efforts to a single charity.
  4. Milestones - Fundraising platforms for politicians and companies often include several milestones and goals, to help motivate their communities to give multiple times as they hit their goals. With Daffy Campaigns, instead of setting just one goal for your campaign, you can set multiple milestones, rallying your supporters to share and give multiple times as you cross each intermediate goal.

Daffy is focused on helping people make giving a habit by setting up recurring, tax-free contributions and donations with cash, debit, credit, Apple Pay, stock, or 120+ crypto assets. Daffy is also the first full-featured donor-advised fund mobile app, and previously launched innovative features such as Daffy APIs, Daffy for Familes, and Daffy for Work. Since its initial launch in September 2021, the Daffy community has grown to thousands with members’ account sizes ranging from $100 to over $10M. To learn more about Daffy Campaigns, visit daffy.org/feedbayarea#create.

About Daffy

Daffy is the Donor-Advised Fund for You™, the ground-breaking, modern platform for charitable giving. The first platform to make giving an easy habit to keep by setting up one-time or recurring contributions with cash, debit, credit, Apple Pay, stock, or 120+ crypto assets, Daffy innovates the donor-advised fund technology to bring it back to its original goal of helping people give more easily and more regularly. With no minimum to get started and industry-low fees, Daffy allows anyone to set money aside, watch it grow tax-free, and donate to over 1.5+ million charities in the US, like a 401(K) for charitable giving. Charity spotlights, family accounts, and a real-time feed of members’ philanthropic activity tap into the inherently social nature of giving, helping people discover, inspire, and support the causes they care about most. Since its launch in September 2021, the Daffy community has grown to thousands with members’ account sizes ranging from $10 to over $10M. To give with Daffy, visit daffy.org or search “Daffy” in the App Store.