Oyster Launches Oyster Embedded and API to Make Global Employment More Accessible for Companies, Partners, and HR Teams

First in category to offer customizable, no-code webflows with Oyster Embedded; quickly and easily expand market share and open doors to global talent

Oyster API enables users to tailor Oyster to work for their needs;
Integrations with Zapier, Personio, and Slack improve team productivity

Remote-First Company/SAN FRANCISCO--()--Global employment and distributed hiring opens up a world of opportunities for people, businesses, and the planet. But it comes with a lot of unknowns—from legal and compliance to taxes, local competition, employee expectations, and beyond. In its continued efforts to make global employment more widely accessible for all, Oyster® today launched a suite of new solutions, including Oyster Embedded, Oyster API, and integrations with Zapier, Personio, and Slack.

“Global employment distributes opportunities equally around the world. When everyone has access to the best jobs, anyone can realize their full potential—and Oyster is driven to overturn the status quo,” said Oyster co-founder and CEO, Tony Jamous. “That means going beyond just developing a platform or offering a transactional service. We’re cultivating a movement aimed at creating a more equal and free world. We’re proud to contribute to that movement with continued innovation that makes global employment practices possible, viable, human-centric, and attractive to workers. Because only together can we improve the world of work.”

Oyster Embedded

In a market differentiator for the category, Oyster is the first to enable its partners—rather than compete with them—to expand into global employment without the need to invest in engineering resources or even write any code. With Oyster Embedded, industry partners can now easily offer global hiring, payroll, and rewards solutions in one click, right from their own software. Partners can leverage no-code, customizable webflows to create a seamless, end-to-end experience that reflects the look and feel of their platforms, complete with pre-populated data. This flexibility is key for software companies and partners as they look to expand market share, and opens up the ability to work with great talent regardless of location.

Partners can also embed Oyster’s global hiring, payroll, benefits, employment intelligence, and other capabilities into their product using the Oyster API.

Oyster API

Launching today, the Oyster API helps partners and customers easily connect Oyster with tools of their choice. In addition to enabling partners to embed Oyster into their product, the API also makes it possible for customers to tailor Oyster to work for their needs. Customers can quickly develop workflows and apps—like moving data from Oyster to an HRIS tool; sending payroll data to a centralized system; or automating workflows across expenses and time off.

Also launching today is Oyster's Zapier integration, built on the Oyster API. Customers can use the Zapier integration to connect easily with 5,000+ apps and move data like time off and new hire information from Oyster to apps like MS Teams, Google Sheets, and Asana.

New Integrations

As Oyster Embedded makes access to worldwide talent a widespread reality and the Oyster API improves productivity and efficiency, new integrations make global employment easier for all. By connecting tools with each other and automating everyday workflows, People leaders and HR professionals can save time, improve team productivity, reduce errors and time to hire, and focus on other high impact work.

New integrations with Personio helps companies sync records and time off data to work efficiently. The Slack integration will send managers and teams real-time notifications to quickly take action across the employment lifecycle—whether it’s tracking a new hire’s onboarding progress, approving time off, receiving reminders on expenses and invoices, or tracking terminations, all without leaving Slack.

The new integrations with Slack, Zapier, and Personio join Oyster’s existing integrations across HRIS, ATS, ERP, expense management, and security platforms.

“Global hiring is meant to create new opportunities for companies and their employees, but facilitating equitable People programs at scale is challenging without the right tools, and manual processes only further exacerbates losses of time and resources,” said Mark Frein, Oyster’s Chief Operating Officer. “Plus, with many people plagued by notification overload and important actions falling through the cracks, it’s never been more critical for HR professionals to be equipped with solutions to streamline workflows. With our new integrations and API, teams can customize Oyster to work for their specific needs across the entire global employment lifecycle.”

To learn more about Oyster Embedded, visit: www.oysterhr.com/embedded; for more on the Oyster API, visit: https://developer.oysterhr.com/.

About Oyster

Oyster is a global employment platform that empowers companies to hire, pay, and care for their global teams. It enables growing companies to give valued international team members the experience they deserve, without the usual headaches or expense. Oyster enables people-centric hiring anywhere in the world with reliable, compliant contracts, payroll, and great local benefits and perks. Founded in January 2020 by Tony Jamous and Jack Mardack, Oyster is itself a fully distributed company with a diverse, global team. For more information visit https://oysterhr.com.


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