Aalyria to Study Ultra-High-Speed Earth-Aircraft Optical Communication

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LIVERMORE, Calif.--()--Aalyria announces it will study the feasibility of ultra-high speed optical networks that connect aircraft and spacecraft with existing terrestrial fiber networks.

This collaborative study launched with Airbus aims to achieve two distinct objectives: to advance air-to-ground and air-to-air free-space optical communications technologies in order to improve their compatibility with terrestrial fiber networks; and to develop network traffic engineering and orchestration techniques to meet the needs of future air- and spaceborne networks.

In order to reach new markets and deliver new, innovative services, Internet stakeholders are increasingly turning to compelling new network architectures involving the use of air- and spaceborne platforms to extend their infrastructure. These research technologies are at the point of need for the connectivity industry.

“Through the fusion of cutting-edge technology and aerospace innovation, this collaboration is paving the way for a future where aircraft serve natural extensions of terrestrial fiber networks. Aalyria is proud of our joint effort with Airbus to examine potential new services that could be delivered in the future from this fiber network in the sky and create seamless optical connectivity across aerial and terrestrial networks,” said Chris Taylor, CEO at Aalyria.

High-speed and cost-efficient connectivity to aircraft has been a long-standing need in the market. New developments in free-space optics and all-domain network management capabilities, like the ones being developed in the scope of the collaboration, are bringing this vision closer to reality. The research will build upon the strengths that both companies bring to the field of future non-terrestrial networking.

Airbus has been at the forefront of innovation in the aerospace market, and Aalyria has developed a robust set of technologies around a vision of what future global networking will look like. With this effort, Aalyria continues that rich tradition of fostering cutting-edge technologies.

About Aalyria:

Aalyria is a global advanced networking and laser communications technologies company. It is revolutionizing connectivity on Earth and in space. Its Tightbeam product, the world’s first atmospherically corrected coherent free space optics solution, Spacetime, the only all orbit, all domain, software defined network orchestration platform is helping commercial and government customers reimagine and operate new business and mission models to make assets more effective, efficient, and profitable.


Scott Coriell – press@aalyria.com


Scott Coriell – press@aalyria.com