CTC Global Announces ACCC InfoCore® System Upgrade That Provides Utilities Peace of Mind During Installation and Beyond

IRVINE, Calif.--()--CTC Global is pleased to announce a groundbreaking upgrade to the ACCC InfoCore® System that enables quick and simple confirmation of conductor integrity before, during, and now, any time after installation, making it the first and only powerline inspection method with this capability.

Originally introduced in 2020 to reduce the installation risks faced by linemen and contractors worldwide, over the years, the ACCC InfoCore® System has continued to evolve to meet the industry's changing needs. The system utilizes infrared light technology, fiber optics, and a robust data capture method to provide quick and easy confirmation of ACCC® Conductor integrity, offering peace of mind to utilities, contractors, and linemen during the handling, installation process, and beyond.

Unlike traditional powerline inspection methods, which can be costly, unsafe, and time-consuming, the ACCC InfoCore® System can evaluate long continuous spans quickly, allowing utilities to promptly identify and prioritize repairs, preventing costly outages, especially after severe weather events or suspected physical damage.

Anne McDowell, CTC’s Vice President Commercial Operations and Marketing, stated, “At CTC Global, we understand the importance of our customers having quick and reliable information regarding the condition of their powerlines. With the newest update to the ACCC InfoCore® System, CTC Global goes beyond speculation, empowering our customers with confidence and certainty. This is a significant leap forward and a valuable asset for the industry.”

To learn more about the ACCC InfoCore® System, visit https://ctcglobal.com/accc-infocore-system/.


CTC Global was founded in 2003 and provides power grid solutions for utility companies around the world. Their flagship product, ACCC® Conductor, is used by over 250 utility companies worldwide to improve the capacity, efficiency, reliability, and resilience of the power grid. For more information about CTC Global, visit www.ctcglobal.com.


Tyler Dalton