CasaPerks Launches WorksPerks to Help Struggling Office Sector Bring Companies and Employees Back into the Workplace

WorksPerks is the First-Ever Global Office Sector Loyalty Solution

AUSTIN, Texas--()--CasaPerks Technologies, Inc., (“CasaPerks”), is excited to announce the launch of WorksPerks, the first-ever global office tenant and workforce loyalty solution. CasaPerks is the premier rental rewards platform in the multifamily industry and by customer demand, it launches into a new business vertical.

“We are pleased to announce the global launch of WorksPerks, the first-ever commercial office space loyalty solution,” declares Kevin Bradt, CEO of CasaPerks. “The global office space market, post-pandemic, has been urgently looking for a strategy to help transition both companies and employees back into the workplace and now they have WorksPerks.”

With WorksPerks, landlords, who have marketing and tenant appreciation budget line items, can now utilize those expenditures in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner in both attracting new companies to lease space and then, by association, help those tenants to incentivize their employees back to work. This will help companies rebuild culture, engagement, and productivity within their teams in the post-pandemic world.

“We have been approached by very large office owners and operators about our CasaPerks solution and how that could be utilized within this market,” mentions Bradt. “Our platform has been very well received in the multifamily sector and it makes perfect sense for us to do this vertical expansion.”

“This strategy is genius,” says William Edmundson, a former Board President and Executive Director of the Global Workspace Association. “WorksPerks is a perfect platform to help support the move back into the workspace for both companies and their employees.”

The company is opening a selective trial for the first office properties that want to utilize the platform. “We have a special program for the first group of properties that want to try us out, this way we can gather a broad data set on platform performance and ROI,” describes Bradt.

For further information on WorksPerks or to join the trial program email for details.

About CasaPerks Technologies, Inc.

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