Seismic Fall 2023 Release leads with new generative AI capabilities to unlock growth and boost productivity

Seismic expands AI offerings with Aura Copilot, adding new features to streamline workflows for customer-facing teams

SAN DIEGO--()--Seismic, the global leader in enablement, today announced its Fall 2023 Product Release which brings several new generative AI-powered capabilities to the Seismic Enablement Cloud, including two major innovations in Aura Copilot and Seismic for Meetings. In addition, the company launched Seismic Exchange, a new centralized hub for all Seismic partner apps, integrations, and solutions for customers to get the most out of their tech stack.

Seismic customers, as well as the wider enablement industry, have demonstrated a strong interest in applying AI to their go-to-market (GTM) processes. In fact, a significant majority (93%) of GTM leaders attribute their plans to increase investment in enablement tech to the advancements in AI, according to a new Seismic report. That’s because infusing AI into their GTM processes has led to positive business outcomes – 92% agree that it has improved operational optimization, enhanced buyer experience (93%), improved agility and speed-to-market (91%), and GTM efficiency (94%).

“Seismic Aura continues to get smarter and better, leading to AI-powered products like Seismic for Meetings which will automate – and in some cases, eliminate – manual tasks for salespeople like meeting preparation, summarization, and follow-up,” said Krish Mantripragada, Chief Product Officer, Seismic. “Our new offering of Aura Copilot packages AI insights, use cases, workflows, and capabilities to enable our customers to grow and win more business. We’re excited to deliver these new innovations from our AI-powered enablement roadmap to our customers and show them what the future looks like this week at Seismic Shift.”

New products and offerings available to Seismic customers in the Fall Release include:

  • Seismic for Meetings: Seamlessly connect the full meeting cycle with Seismic for Meetings, which helps sales teams prepare, present, and follow-up on every meeting to accelerate and win more deals. Seismic for Meetings integrates with top web conferencing apps and delivers AI-driven insights and analysis to drive smarter content, proactive enablement, and focused training. Discover more about Seismic for Meetings here.
  • Seismic Aura Copilot, which combines the power of generative AI with Seismic data and business context, includes the following capabilities:
    • Content Description and Tagging Recommendations: Speed up content creation through auto-tagging of content properties and AI-generated content descriptions.
    • Readiness Lesson Assistance: Generate new Seismic Learning (formerly Lessonly by Seismic) lessons, assignments, questions, and summaries based on a simple prompt.
    • Generative Search Capabilities for Seismic Knowledge: Reps can retrieve answers to questions even faster with in-the-moment access to AI-generated summary answers using info from across trusted company and Seismic sources, while respecting all permissions and access control constraints.
  • Fund Report Orchestrator: Whether it’s the end of the month or quarter, asset management firms can leverage Fund Report Orchestrator to streamline the process for everything from commentaries and fact sheets to quarterly investment and asset class reports.
  • Guided Assembly Improvements: No more copying and pasting to update client-facing content – with the improved variables feature, Guided Assembly now allows marketing teams to update an element in one asset, one time. For example, when executing a rebrand, marketing teams can update their logo in one place and automatically cascade to all the assets that reference that logo.

“Five9 is proud to work with an enablement partner like Seismic, which aligns our entire team and makes us more effective. Seismic’s new generative AI innovations will ensure our team is sharing personalized, up-to-date content with our customers,” said Esther Friend, VP of Sales Efficiency and Transformation at Five9. “The AI-powered features of the Seismic Enablement Cloud will mean that our sales team will always have the latest and greatest content at their fingertips, and they can now receive intelligent coaching and feedback right within the same platform – helping them be more productive and effective when serving our customers. Five9 has invested heavily in generative AI to provide innovative new solutions to our customers as part of our Intelligent CX platform and are hearing from our customers that this is transforming their business and customer experience.”

To learn more about the latest additions to the Seismic Enablement Cloud within the Fall 2023 Release, visit the Seismic Blog and view all recent product innovations on the Seismic Product Innovation Center. For more on Seismic’s AI innovation and our full statement on AI security and privacy, click here.

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Natalie Beaulieu
Communications Director, Seismic

Release Summary

Seismic's Fall 2023 Product Release expands the company's generative AI offerings, including Aura Copilot and Seismic for Meetings.

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Natalie Beaulieu
Communications Director, Seismic