BibliU Acquires Texas Book Company to Deliver and Innovate for Higher Education Students, Faculty and Administrators Across the U.S.

NEW YORK & LONDON--()--EdTech innovator BibliU announced the acquisition of Texas Book Company, a privately held company in Texas and an industry leader in delivering affordable learning materials to higher education institutions across the U.S.

This acquisition builds on BibliU's innovative digital-first Universal Learning offering, an equitable access (EA) program that provides cost-effective day-one availability of course materials to college students. Texas Book Company's exceptional record for delivering campus store services allows BibliU to expand Universal Learning further into Universal Learning Plus, a combined offering for campus store management and digital content delivery.

Alongside this acquisition, BibliU is expanding its digital-first portfolio by adding an Inclusive Access (IA) model to its offerings. Both models are designed to provide affordable digital course materials on day one. Institutions will now have the flexibility to choose an access program that best fits their needs.

"BibliU and Texas Book Company have a shared purpose. We built our business to make the higher education system fairer, more accessible and more inclusive. With its strong stewardship and deep history in U.S. higher education, Texas Book Company has built a trusted brand aligned with those principles," said David Sherwood, Co-founder and CEO of BibliU.

BibliU's mission is to empower higher education institutions to streamline their learning material workflows to achieve greater student outcomes, affordability and social mobility. This acquisition significantly enhances BibliU's ability to deliver that mission, allowing it to expand its delivery models, geographic reach and technological innovation while ensuring the superior customer service Texas Book Company and BibliU are known for.

"BibliU and Texas Book Company have a long-standing working relationship to build innovative combined delivery solutions. This acquisition is the next step in our shared vision of driving greater student outcomes, affordability and social mobility across the U.S.," said Brent Dyer, Founder and CEO of Texas Book Company.

"We are delighted to welcome Texas Book Company to the BibliU family and look forward to our innovative future together," said Sherwood. "Together, we can better connect our ecosystems to deliver even more compelling products and services for students, faculty and administrators, enabling better learning outcomes."

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Erin Jundef


Erin Jundef