MaintainX Unveils Advanced AI Features to Make Maintenance Workflows More Efficient for Frontline Workers

Features Include the Industry’s First Generative AI-Powered Procedure Generator that works with Documents, Pictures, and Text


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AI-Powered Procedure Generation helps maintenance teams start and accelerate their digital journey by helping them to create procedures faster.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--MaintainX, the leading maintenance and frontline work execution platform, today introduced AI-powered Maintenance Operations, a suite of AI-backed features to help manufacturers and industrial companies quickly digitize offline processes, improve the efficiency of frontline workers, and help prevent downtime before it happens.

The new features are incorporated into MaintainX’s existing CMMS solution, consistently ranked as the top enterprise asset management and equipment maintenance choice across review sites like G2, Capterra, and others.

The AI-powered Maintenance Operations feature set is first of its kind, designed specifically for manufacturing teams with complex machinery, detailed procedures, and a workforce that’s rarely at a desk. It drives process efficiencies and saves time across critical maintenance and operations tasks, from digitizing maintenance procedures and SOPs to spotting data inaccuracies when maintenance techs are recording meter readings.

“MaintainX has continually pushed the boundaries of what a CMMS solution provides,” said Jack Windley, Plant Manager at USALCO. “With MaintainX’s new AI-powered features, we feel even more confident that our frontline workers can focus on getting critical work done rather than spending time on data entry. This is another example of MaintainX focusing on delivering a seamless, easy-to-use experience that allows our entire team to be successful.”

The AI-Powered Maintenance Operations suite includes the following features:

  • AI-Powered Procedure Generation. Many maintenance teams are transitioning from paper-based procedures to digital formats in their CMMS. With companies supporting thousands of machines across hundreds of sites, they’re faced with hundreds of hours of work if they want to create digital workflows. With AI-Powered Procedure Generation, MaintainX helps teams digitize their procedures by simply uploading files (like a PDF, image, or even a checklist on a napkin) or entering instructions. With just the equipment name, MaintainX can auto-generate a procedure, which can be refined and customized to fit their company's unique specifications.
  • AI-Powered Anomaly Detection. Anomalies in work order data can predict critical equipment failures and avoid costly downtime. But manually sifting through this data for potential inconsistencies is a time-intensive task. With AI-Powered Anomaly Detection, MaintainX can comb through historical data to pinpoint anomalies and errors as they occur. And, with that information, it can alert maintenance teams and create a corrective action plan, before an asset breaks down.
  • AI-Powered Voice Memos. For maintenance technicians in the field, typing to relay information or to keep a detailed maintenance record can be both inconvenient and inefficient. This often leads to vital data getting omitted from work order records. MaintainX empowers maintenance teams to use AI-Powered Voice Memos, in which technicians can use voice clips to add work order notes or on-the-go messages, with AI automatically transcribing the voice clips into text. This intuitive approach enhances communication with field workers, while also ensuring that important context about your assets and past maintenance work is collected.

“We are continuously inspired by the dedication and hard work of maintenance teams around the globe. With these new AI-driven features, we aim to make their day-to-day better, allowing them to operate with greater efficiency, safety, and precision,” said Chris Turlica, Co-founder and CEO, MaintainX.

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About MaintainX

MaintainX is the leading maintenance and work execution software, designed specifically for industrial and frontline teams. It helps companies streamline maintenance operations, improve asset management, and manage regulatory compliance and audits—all while delivering insights that can improve the bottom line. As a mobile-first platform, MaintainX delivers a modern, IoT-enabled solution for maintenance, reliability, and operations teams. MaintainX is trusted by over 6,500 companies worldwide, including companies like Duracell, AB InBev, Univar, Cintas, McDonalds, Titan America, and many more.

The company was founded in 2018 by Chris Turlica, Hugo Dozois-Caouette, Mathieu Marengère-Gosselin and Nick Haase. For more information, visit


Doug Roberge
Director of Product Marketing

Release Summary

Features Include the Industry’s First Generative AI-Powered Procedure Generator that works with Documents, Pictures, and Text

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Doug Roberge
Director of Product Marketing